Synonyms for Enduring:


abiding (adjective)
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, lasting, constant, persistent, persisting, steadfast, continuing.
almighty (adjective)
immortal, infinite.
chronic (adjective)
lifelong, obstinate, continual, ceaseless, long-lived, stubborn, tenacious, long-standing, lingering, fixed, prolonged, perennial.
constant (adjective)
incessant, interminable, uninterrupted, endless.
continual (adjective)
unflagging, unceasing, Staying.
continuing (adjective)
long-lived, perdurable.
durable (adjective)
livelong, durable, incessant, lasting, long, prolonged, lifelong, everlasting, perennial, lifetime, lengthy, interminable, eternal, perpetual, long-life.
enduring (adjective)
permanent, abiding, surviving.
imperishable (adjective)
infinite (adjective)
ongoing (adjective)
permanent (adjective)
persistent, everlasting, permanent, perpetual, unchangeable, abiding, immutable, lasting, fixed, constant.
perpetual (adjective)
immortal, incessant, endless, ceaseless, lasting, interminable, continual, eternal, infinite, everlasting, permanent, unceasing, constant, uninterrupted.
persevering (adjective)
steadfast, brave, lasting, persistent, stoical, unflagging, indomitable, abiding, unfaltering, patient, indefatigable, persevering, unwavering, surviving, tenacious.
tenacious (adjective)
hard, headstrong, bold, spunky, staunch, resolute, tenacious, brave, stubborn, determined, fervent, stony, obstinate, obdurate, true, dauntless, persistent, dogged, decisive, tireless, unflagging, insistent, persevering, steadfast, bullheaded, strong, courageous, devoted, strong-willed, undaunted, hearty, diligent, stiff, faithful, plucky, indomitable, bulldogged, tough, indefatigable, flintlike.


on and on, for some time, never-ending, extended, long-term. long-lived, perdurable, continue, old, long-standing, long-lasting. continuation (noun)
Prolonging, Perpetuating, going on.
enduring (noun)
lasting, patient, abiding, long-suffering, permanent, imperishable.


abiding (verb)
lingering, abiding, Tolerating, going on, persevering, suffering, continuing, Tarrying, remaining, lasting, bearing, Undergoing, Experiencing, putting up with, persisting.
aging (verb)
deteriorating, developing, ripening, mellowing, aging, seasoning, Maturing, growing old, declining.
endure (verb)
enduring (verb)
Prolonging, Outliving, outlasting.
existing (verb)
living, Occurring, being, prevailing, Subsisting, existing.
living (verb)
surviving, dwelling, Residing.
perpetuating (verb)
persevering (verb)
remaining (verb)
resolving (verb)
resolving, Devoting.

Other synonyms:

long-lasting, never-ending, long-standing, extended. long-term. old. lasting
Other relevant words:
never-ending, imperishable, long-suffering, long-term, old, perdurable, long-lived, long-standing, long-lasting, continue.

Usage examples for enduring

  1. But there are many qualities that must constitute parts of every enduring foundation. – The Girl Wanted by Nixon Waterman