Synonyms for Faculty:


forte, proficiency, prowess, experience. university, alma mater, foundation, institute, department, academe, personnel, clinic, college, corps, community college, graduate school, academia, body, grad school, organization, business school, society. headteacher, bent, headmistress, instinct, headmaster, approach, knack, flair, genius, head, gift, housemaster, aptness, coach, houseparent, instructor, educator, turn. competence. ability, skill (noun)
aptness, power, genius, turn, bent, strength, flair, forte, knack, instinct, gift.
authority (noun)
powerfulness, enfranchisement, privilege, mightiness, influence, empowerment, puissance, prerogative, credential, precedence, authority, entitlement, purview, primacy, potency, license, commission, sovereignty, punch, right, prestige, stature, command, force, Prepotency, charge, cogency, mastery, control, kingship, clout, birthright, mandate, seniority, strength, steam, might, office, title, power, rank, superiority, sway, domination.
cognition (noun)
mental faculty, module.
faculty (noun)
module, staff, mental faculty.
group (noun)
teachers in educational institution (noun)
body, society, department, university, clinic, staff, college, corps, personnel, organization, institute.

Other synonyms:

grad school, alma mater, headmistress, institute, headmaster, academe, personnel, college, community college, graduate school, genius, housemaster, academia, aptness, headteacher, instructor, business school, university. educator, flair, competence, gift, houseparent, instinct. coach. head. trick
Other relevant words:
college, mental faculty, turn, flair, competence, institute, instinct, department, society, authority, bent, gift, educator, housemaster, headmistress, organization, forte, clinic, genius, corps, headmaster, staff, academe, academia, headteacher, head, houseparent, aptness, body, university, proficiency, knack, personnel, module.

Usage examples for faculty

  1. To them, no labour is too great, no trial too severe; they will unflinchingly exert every faculty of mind and body, before they will submit to become a burden to others. – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  2. The needs of the present absorbed her every faculty – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
  3. This seems to me to be a higher faculty than mere reason. – Love's Final Victory by Horatio