Synonyms for Intact:


all (adjective)
integral, entire.
celibate (adjective)
lone, unplowed, ascetic, abstemious, solitary, monastic, abstinent, unwed, celibate, pure, single, old maid, chaste, spinsterish, virginal, monkish, asexual, alone, bachelor, maiden, unmarried.
complete (adjective)
accomplished, collective, conclusive, full, complete, unabridged, undivided, final, entire, whole, integrated, sum, uncut, solid, done, universal, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, thorough, unified, all, through, integral, unsevered, plenary, finished.
earliest (adjective)
entire (adjective)
uninjured, entire.
good (adjective)
undamaged; all in one piece (adjective)
unblemished, flawless, sound, unharmed, complete, uninjured, entire, unbroken, unhurt, perfect, unmarred, unimpaired, uncut, whole.
unhurt (adjective)
unharmed, unhurt.
united (adjective)
elemental, homogeneous, atomic, entire, solid, unified, complete, integral, single, pure, coherent, integrated, holistic, simple, united, uniform, congruous, undivided, same, monolithic, congruent, coincident, cohesive, irreducible, indivisible, fundamental.


untainted, as new, well-preserved. perfect, part. thrive, unblemished, sound, flawless, unbroken, unharmed, good, unmarred, unhurt. intact (noun)
whole, uninjured, integral, unimpaired, entire, uncastrated, undamaged, inviolate.
unimpaired (noun)
study at complete, sound.

Other synonyms:

untainted, unmarred. well-preserved. perfect, flawless. unblemished. good. unhurt
uninjured, unhurt.
Other relevant words:
unblemished, sound, untainted, unbroken, uncastrated, uninjured, unharmed, perfect, good, flawless, thrive, undamaged, well-preserved, inviolate, unimpaired, unhurt, unmarred, part.

Usage examples for intact

  1. One of the pieces may be cut in two, but the others must be used intact – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  2. The stratum from which the jaw was taken was intact and had never been disturbed. – A Manual of the Antiquity of Man by J. P. MacLean