Synonyms for Chaste:


celibate (adjective)
asexual, abstinent, unplowed, virginal, pure, bachelor, single, monastic, unwed, old maid, alone, lone, solitary, intact, ascetic, unmarried, abstemious, maiden, monkish, celibate, spinsterish.
clean (adjective)
innocent (adjective)
pure-hearted, unblemished, blameless, innocuous, snowy, spotless, unspotted, unsophisticated, guiltless, innocent, untarnished, naive, childlike, untainted, white, angelic, virginal.
proper (adjective)
pure (adjective)
guiltless, spotless, virtuous, primary, basal, simple, elementary, bare, formative, immaculate, aboriginal, unblemished, uncluttered, monolithic, clean, purebred, honorable, basic, irreducible, elemental, indivisible, angelic, unalloyed, primal, plain, foundational, unadorned, decent, untainted, stainless, innocent, atomic, undiluted, pure, sinless, Simon-pure, unsullied, prime, untarnished, fundamental, blameless, clear, undefiled, austere, essential, unadulterated, stark, white, faultless, nascent.
pure, incorrupt (adjective)
innocent, continent, modest, subdued, unsullied, wholesome, decent, clean, refined, moral, controlled, celibate, immaculate, simple, spotless, virginal, platonic, decorous, undefiled, virtuous, proper, unwed, vestal, impotent, unblemished, austere, stainless, prudish.
restrained (adjective)
modest, severe, gaudy, spartan, subdued, ornate, prudish, academic.
simple (adjective)
artless, candid, direct, elementary, bald, simple, plain, austere, bare, clear, crystalline, unadulterated, innocent, refined, pure, spare, childlike, unsophisticated, terse, uncomplicated.
virtuous (adjective)


sexless, celibacy, chastity, chastity belt. nice, restraint, good. chaste (noun)
plain, pure, continent, virginal, celibate, virtuous, vestal.

Other synonyms:

chastity, frigid, celibacy, sexless, chastity belt. nice.

Usage examples for chaste

  1. Proud, chaste she was nobly spirited; having an intellectual refuge from the besiegings of the blood; a rockfortress. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. There was a chaste New England charm about the dining- room that appealed to him. – The Comings of Cousin Ann by Emma Speed Sampson
  3. Their women are strictly chaste in the sense that they conduct no affairs outside those permitted within the tribe. – African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White