Synonyms for Integral:


complete (adjective)
full, aggregate, sum, complete, unbroken, integrated, conclusive, finished, total, unabridged, perfect, whole, unsevered, unified, thorough, accomplished, comprehensive, intact, solid, plenary, through, universal, indivisible, final, all, exhaustive, uncut, undivided, done, entire, collective.
component (adjective)
entire (adjective)
included (adjective)
intrinsic (adjective)
ingrained, deep down, inseparable, elemental, built-in, central, component, inherent, unalienable, implicit, fundamental, inwoven, intrinsic.
necessary, basic (adjective)
essential, indispensable, intrinsic, requisite, component, fundamental, elemental.
numeric (adjective)
notational, digital, symbolic, numerical.
perfect (adjective)
united (adjective)
indivisible, united, unified, uniform, homogeneous, fundamental, complete, holistic, congruent, coincident, integrated, coherent, undivided, single, cohesive, atomic, elemental, monolithic, same, intact, irreducible, simple, pure, entire, congruous, solid.


indispensable, interdependent, synonymous, essential, intimate, requisite, involved, connected, basic, related, interrelated, corresponding, necessary, allied. raw, unbroken, rudimentary, aggregate, core. totality, system, entity. integral (noun)
inbuilt, intrinsic, inherent, intact, whole, intrinsical, constitutional, built-in, entire.
mathematics (noun)
formula, reciprocal, multiplicand, multiple, increment, logarithm, factor, square root, differential calculus, algorithm, antilogarithm, root, modulus, algebra, numerator, geometry, subtrahend, arithmetic, denominator, trigonometry, exponent, radix, index, fraction, power, dividend, coefficient, multiplier, Multiplicator, quotient, quadratics, minuend, calculus, cube, divisor, cube root.

Other synonyms:

vital, basic, perfect, essential. entity. totality.

Usage examples for integral

  1. But I see no reason why this, with the rest, should not rather be regarded as an integral part of a human document, as part of the record of a life, with its social and psychological suggestions and explanations. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  2. This is the freedom of worship which has ever been an integral part of the Friends religion. – An Interpretation of Friends Worship by N. Jean Toomer
  3. And the first step in this direction is to see whether what we have hitherto considered limitations of the law are really integral parts of the law itself. – The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward