Synonyms for Single:


alone, distinct (adjective)
solitary, personal, individual, peerless, isolated, only, rare, separated, uncommon, unrivaled, indivisible, simple, restricted, exceptional, undivided, original, particular, secluded, separate, singular, lone, unusual, unique, sole, odd.
celibate (adjective)
abstinent, unplowed, virginal, chaste, lone, unwed, maiden, old maid, spinsterish, abstemious, monastic, unmarried, solitary, ascetic, bachelor, monkish, intact, alone, pure, celibate, asexual.
not married (adjective)
Spouseless, free, Companionless, unmarried, unattached, bachelor, eligible, divorced, unwed.
qualified (adjective)
single (adjective)
singular, odd, sole, unique, lone, only, solitary, individual.


45, rare, concept album, many, exceptional, uncommon, original, disk, numerous, flip side, liner notes, unusual, album, cassette, discography, long-playing record, bootleg, unequaled, unrivaled, peerless. particular, equivalent, different, equal, same old, same old, identical, interchangeable, steady, another, consistent, separate. ball boy, baseball, at-bat, baseline, batboy, ballpark, include, unaccompanied, lonesome, Companionless, ball, ball girl, base, lonely, balk. euro, C, Aud, cent, dollar, dinar, crown, dime, ct, bit. Bridget Jones, divorcee, bachelorette, house husband, family man, couple, divorce, damsel, domestic partner. boundary, bowler, bat, cull, HIT, choice, bowl, cricket, select, elect, batsman, Gabba, crease, batting average. restricted fare, season ticket, landing card, bus pass, CARNET, boarding card, return, boarding pass, e-ticket. open ticket, ticket, on the door, cancellation, Ticketing, stub, sold-out. taxonomy, type, variety, class, sort, kind, classification, grouping, cross-section, category. bridal suite, double room, en suite, coffee shop, dining-room, check-in, desk, foyer, family room, cocktail lounge. in isolation, unrelated, as distinct from, fragmentary, do with, stand-alone, independent. alone (noun)
deserted, separated, isolated.
paper money (noun)
tennis (noun)
break point, the Davis Cup, alley, advantage, clay, break.

Other synonyms:

e-ticket, Companionless, footloose, CARNET, season ticket, fancy-free, Ticketing, boarding card, bus pass, landing card, open ticket, lonely, boarding pass, restricted fare, sold-out, Spouseless. unaccompanied, original, discrete, unattached. particular, stub, cull, cancellation, lonesome, elect. HIT. ticket. return. dollar bill

Usage examples for single

  1. But neither Peggy nor Alice could think of a single State beginning with A. " There are three," said Diana. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  2. To play the single hand- what! – Mrs. Falchion, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 12, 2009
  3. In fact, I had not a single trouvaille. – A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume One by Thomas Frognall Dibdin