Synonyms for Basic:


all (adjective)
canonical, canonic.
bottom (adjective)
bottom, lowest, elementary, base, foundational, underlying, fundamental.
component (adjective)
elementary, fundamental (adjective)
elemental, necessary, vital, chief, primitive, intrinsic, main, primary, radical, basal, underlying, indispensable, inherent, central, essential, principal.
pure (adjective)
primary, spotless, clean, elementary, basal, austere, unadulterated, primal, undiluted, stainless, bare, indivisible, fundamental, pure, essential, innocent, uncluttered, prime, virtuous, monolithic, foundational, sinless, formative, nascent, unalloyed, unblemished, chaste, clear, unsullied, honorable, decent, untainted, Simon-pure, undefiled, purebred, simple, elemental, angelic, white, immaculate, blameless, guiltless, unadorned, aboriginal, faultless, plain, untarnished, atomic, irreducible, stark.
severe (adjective)
intense, draconian, obstinate, hidebound, keen, acerbic, chilly, exacting, rigid, grim, stringent, obdurate, disciplined, precise, uncompromising, oppressive, cool, bleak, imperial, astringent, raw, gruff, brisk, blunt, authoritarian, crisp, cutting, fundamental, icy, correct, puritanical, intolerant, strict, dry, rigorous, caustic, spare, acrimonious, stiff-necked, abrupt, brusque, piquant, spartan, frosty, ascetic, demanding, severe, stern, short, acute, tart, meticulous, stark, prudish, relentless, unbending, dour, censorious, strait-laced, austere, harsh, lean, critical, curt, inflexible, sharp.
topical (adjective)
conceptual, hypothetical, thematic, axiomatic, topical, subject, theoretical.


affective, deep, burning, bitter, casual, acutely, deep-seated, depth, blind. equal opportunity, inclusion, primitive, equal, ultimate, Human Rights, surface, prejudiced, equality, positive discrimination, discrimination, free speech. everyday, nondescript, ordinary, commonplace, start, unexceptional, routine, normal, mundane, Rudimental, beginning, unremarkable. java, language, html, ascii, binary system, code, original, command line, assembly language, cobol. element, intrinsic, rudiment, core, part and parcel, part, inherent, natural. chief, supreme, principal, leading, predominant, main. clear-cut, manifest, intelligible, easy, make sense, apparent, straightforward, understandable, evident. basic (noun)
first, standard, canonic, canonical, basal, primary, elementary, essential, introductory, root, underlying, base, alkalic, staple, fundamental, rudimentary, radical, alkaline, grassroots.
essential (noun)
necessary, central.
necessary (noun)
at all costs, without fail, of necessity, compulsory, obligatory, indispensable.
rudiment (noun)
part and parcel, rudiment.

Other synonyms:

constitutive, positive discrimination, Discounted, affective, half-price, intrinsic, command line, cobol, acutely, ascii, Human Rights, integral, Rudimental, prejudiced, inherent, all-inclusive, all in, deep-seated, equality, equal opportunity, binary system, free speech, assembly language, predominant, html. element, language, main, rudiment, chargeable, java, equal, inclusion, blind, bitter, deep. chief, discrimination, ultimate, burning, vital, primitive, depth, inclusive. code, core, principal, casual, routine, original, constitutional, fancy. natural. good. essential
compulsory, indispensable, obligatory.
Other relevant words:
chief, discrimination, canonical, unremarkable, intrinsic, canonic, affective, good, natural, straightforward, inclusion, Rudimental, principal, everyday, original, blind, unexceptional, necessary, central, code, root, constitutive, ordinary, radical, alkaline, inherent, ultimate, depth, manifest, constitutional, beginning, predominant, vital, easy, rudimentary, deep, chargeable, staple, element, grassroots, equality, standard, supreme, intelligible, leading, prejudiced, fancy, rudiment, integral, compulsory, first, ascii, alkalic, introductory, understandable, main, deep-seated, indispensable, primitive.

Usage examples for basic

  1. Agriculture is our basic industry. – The Holy Earth by L. H. Bailey
  2. Toward this end, we have four basic objectives tonight. – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan
  3. Being a poet, so basic to everything, didn't even show up on Manpower's computer scan. – Mascara-Viscera by Paul Cameron Brown