Synonyms for Elemental:


basic (adjective)
central, inherent, basal, intrinsic, underlying, primary, essential.
component (adjective)
basic, ingredient, fractional, fundamental, featured, factoring, integral, part, component, sectional, fragmentary, segmentary, member, constituent.
constituent (adjective)
elemental (adjective)
constituent, primitive, elementary.
elementary (adjective)
clear, foundational, plain.
essential (adjective)
congenital, inborn, complete, inbred, prime, innate, constitutional.
indwelling (adjective)
innate (adjective)
indigenous, natural, ingrained, connatural.
integral (adjective)
intrinsic (adjective)
deep down, integral, unalienable, implicit, ingrained, component, central, fundamental, inwoven, intrinsic, inherent, built-in, inseparable.
pure (adjective)
clear, formative, fundamental, primary, immaculate, monolithic, indivisible, clean, foundational, stark, elementary, untainted, unadulterated, basal, simple, chaste, atomic, sinless, unalloyed, unadorned, blameless, guiltless, plain, undiluted, virtuous, spotless, angelic, austere, basic, untarnished, purebred, prime, Simon-pure, nascent, aboriginal, essential, primal, unsullied, irreducible, unblemished, bare, faultless, innocent, pure, decent, uncluttered, honorable, white, stainless, undefiled.
united (adjective)
entire, homogeneous, congruous, single, uniform, coherent, holistic, intact, pure, atomic, monolithic, indivisible, fundamental, undivided, cohesive, integrated, solid, irreducible, congruent, coincident, unified, united, same, complete, simple, integral.


alkaloid, chemical equation, primitive, anaerobic, catalytic, alkaline, aerobic, underlying, surface, corrosive, chemical, active, concentrated. ecosystem, indigenous, native, natural resources, constitutional, element, nature, be, congenital, indwelling, raw materials, the environment, innate, ecology, connatural, the biosphere, start, resource, inborn, inbred. elemental (noun)
natural, ultimate, simple.

Other synonyms:

connatural, indwelling. inbred, underlying, indigenous. constitutional, innate, inborn, primitive, congenital. native. Other relevant words:
chemical, indwelling, inborn, indigenous, constitutional, connatural, innate, natural, underlying, primitive, inbred, ultimate, native, congenital.

Usage examples for elemental

  1. The Professor says, justly enough, that we should try to recover the elemental or naturalist point of view, even for the greatest cities. – Civics: as Applied Sociology by Patrick Geddes
  2. The majesty of Fact is on their side, and the elemental forces of Nature are working for them. – Aphorisms and Reflections from the works of T. H. Huxley by Thomas Henry Huxley
  3. No, it was not I; I had no concern in the thought that then fell upon me unbidden and undesired; my individual voice can give you but praise and loving words; and the voice that said " I am glad" was not my voice, but that of the will to live which we inherit from elemental dust through countless generations. – Confessions of a Young Man by George Moore