Synonyms for Angelic:


all (adjective)
sainted, beatific, saintly, saintlike, angelical.
angelic (adjective)
divine, cherubic, seraphic, heavenly, celestial.
beautiful (adjective)
exquisite, ravishing, breathtaking, stunning, glorious, splendid, gorgeous, elegant, beautiful, ethereal, radiant.
heavenly (adjective)
innocent (adjective)
unsophisticated, spotless, blameless, white, untainted, innocuous, virginal, lily-white, snowy, innocent, naive, chaste, unblemished, uncorrupted, childlike, untarnished, guiltless, angelical, unspotted, pure-hearted.
pure (adjective)
indivisible, guiltless, honorable, simple, irreducible, immaculate, stark, unadulterated, unblemished, nascent, prime, blameless, undefiled, decent, basal, elemental, aboriginal, faultless, untarnished, formative, monolithic, clean, Simon-pure, basic, unalloyed, pure, primary, spotless, innocent, unadorned, virtuous, chaste, foundational, sinless, austere, plain, bare, essential, atomic, uncluttered, primal, undiluted, white, clear, unsullied, fundamental, elementary, stainless, purebred, untainted.
sweet, kind, and usually beautiful (adjective)
innocent, pure, saintly, virtuous, cherubic, righteous, holy, celestial, lovely, good, beatific, radiant, humble, divine, seraphic, ethereal, otherworldly, beneficent, archangelic, heavenly, self-sacrificing, devout.


article of faith, blessing, bless, angel, archangel, blaspheme, blasphemous, absolution, blasphemy. lily-white, pure as the driven snow, Warm-hearted, right, unstained, nice, uncorrupted, caring, sensitive, tender, generous, gentle, warm. angelic (noun)
lovable, saintly, beatific, sweet, loveable, seraphic, sainted, cherubic, angelical, good, saintlike.
saintly (noun)
holy, ethereal, archangelic, above reproach, beneficent, humble, beautiful, self-sacrificing, otherworldly, kind, devout, righteous, radiant, spiritual, lovely.

Other synonyms:

blaspheme, blasphemy, absolution, uncorrupted, blasphemous, angel, article of faith, bless, blessing, archangel. unstained, righteous, lily-white. sinless
Other relevant words:
gentle, holy, saintlike, beautiful, archangelic, lovable, good, lily-white, loveable, angel, devout, right, absolution, sweet, humble, breathtaking, angelical, nice, beatific, stunning, exquisite, gorgeous, beneficent, blasphemy, otherworldly, sensitive, warm, bless, lovely, saintly, caring, sainted, righteous, generous, splendid, spiritual, archangel, ethereal, self-sacrificing, blasphemous, unstained, elegant, kind, Warm-hearted, pure as the driven snow, uncorrupted, ravishing, blaspheme, radiant, blessing, glorious, tender.

Usage examples for angelic

  1. Angelic wives always get the worst of it, and so you'll see! – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  2. Speak low, my brother, low,- and not of love Or human or angelic – The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vol. I by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  3. Some beauty he has, and his mouth especially is so lovely as to seem not only angelic but itself an angel. – Essays by Alice Meynell