Synonyms for Unadorned:


all (adjective)
artless (adjective)
innocent, direct, plain, natural, honest, straightforward, pure, unpretentious.
austere (adjective)
bald, clean, spartan, rustic, spare, simple.
mere (adjective)
blunt, unadulterated.
modest (adjective)
dry, unornamented.
naked (adjective)
artless, unvarnished.
pure (adjective)
decent, untainted, unblemished, elementary, basal, aboriginal, austere, nascent, stark, unsullied, bare, spotless, unadulterated, honorable, foundational, basic, essential, pure, indivisible, innocent, primal, fundamental, irreducible, sinless, prime, Simon-pure, purebred, chaste, atomic, guiltless, monolithic, undefiled, unalloyed, blameless, undiluted, elemental, primary, clean, angelic, virtuous, simple, clear, faultless, formative, stainless, white, untarnished, plain, uncluttered, immaculate.
simple (adjective)
elementary, folksy, undecorated, homely, artless, unalloyed.
succinct (adjective)
folksy, informal, bald, prosaic, outspoken, frank, straightforward, simple, intelligible, unpretentious, blunt, clear, honest, uncluttered, stark, unpoetical, ordinary, candid, direct, Plain-spoken, casual.
unadorned (adjective)
austere, bare, unembellished, basic, undecorated, stark.
unembellished (adjective)
unfinished (adjective)


dry, unvarnished. artless, homely, unpolished, homespun, rustic, natural. unadorned (noun)
undecorated, plain, unornamented, unembellished, untufted.
undecorated (noun)
plainly, functional, spare, simply, spartan.

Other synonyms:

homespun, rustic. artless, homely. unpolished. dry. natural. plain
functional, plainly, undecorated, simply, spartan, spare.

Usage examples for unadorned

  1. The stair ends are unadorned but the spaces under the lower run of both flights are nicely paneled up. – The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia by Frank Cousins Phil M. Riley
  2. They made the female fashions for 1851 quite deplorable by contrast- especially the shoes, and the way of dressing the hair; we almost came to the conclusion that female beauty when unadorned is adorned the most. – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  3. Someone visiting the Home was surprised to see a widow with her head shaved, and wearing the unadorned white garments. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin