Synonyms for Life:


memoir, memorial, chip, dive, journal, ball, blast, dribble, corner, catch, story, cross, backhand, delivery. hostess, countdown, master of ceremonies, host, block, distance, chapter, entertainer, delay. life cycle, existential, enthusiasm, coexistence, vital force, excitement. life imprisonment, dash, ginger, lan, verve, sparkle, extraordinary rendition, oomph, correctional, zip, hard labor, esprit, vigor, vim, internment, vivaciousness, vivacity, pertness, bounce, pep, imprisonment, confinement, peppiness, prison. Living Standards, creature, human, human being, way of life, mortal, soul, counterculture, individual, the high life, man, personage, modus vivendi, person, Nineteen Eighty Four, party, the simple life, body. span, event, term, live, occasion, occurrence, incident, time, episode, showcase, day, phenomenon, duration, existence, show. universe, life expectancy, things. actually (noun)
truly, accurately, in fact.
age (noun)
alive (noun)
surviving, animate, alive, immortal.
duration (noun)
season, epoch, generation, time, longevity, continuance, day, cycle, span, record, endurance, extent, era, century, history, course, length.
energy (noun)
existence (noun)
existence, duration (noun)
span, extent, length, time, record, course, epoch, endurance, survival, season, era, history, generation, continuance, lifetime, cycle, longevity.
history, biography (noun)
memorial, journal, life story, story, memoir.
human being (noun)
life (noun)
spirit, lifespan, biography, lifeblood, life story, creation, life history, animation, nature, aliveness, life force, lifetime, sprightliness, liveliness, vitality, living.
oomph (noun)
person's experiences (noun)
circumstances, personality, world, participation, way of life, knowledge, development, attainment, enlightenment, realization.


enjoy being alive (verb)

Other synonyms:

extraordinary rendition, peppiness, enthusiasm, ginger, incident, genotype, imprisonment, existence, modus vivendi, Nineteen Eighty Four, the high life, counterculture, life imprisonment, correctional, Living Standards, oomph, hard labor, vivaciousness, fauna, spark, coexistence, existential, experience. verve, record, fascination, occurrence, pep, novelty, organism, human being, phenomenon, vim, way of life, esprit, pertness, confinement, sparkle, prison, vigor, universe, life expectancy, soul, circumstances, internment, life cycle. world, episode, zip, span, color, mystery, creature, showcase, human. personage, duration, term, man, person, day, bite. event, occasion. mortal, buzz, history. party. body. show. alive
live, alive, animate, surviving, immortal.
sprightliness, vivacity.

Usage examples for life

  1. But however it is, you will always be in my life – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  2. It's my life and Janet's. – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith