Synonyms for Windy:


airy (adjective)
atmospheric, drafty, breezy, immaterial, airy, vaporous, climactic, blowy.
boastful (adjective)
bombastic, inflated, arrogant, boastful, pretentious, fat-headed, vain, conceited, self-applauding, self-praising, vainglorious, self-important, haughty, bragging.
breezy (adjective)
blowing, wild, drafty, tempestuous, fresh, brisk, stormy, squally, raw, blustery, airy, gusty, blowy.
cold (adjective)
exaggerated (adjective)
extended (adjective)
talkative (adjective)
garrulous, voluble, wordy.
talkative; boastful (adjective)
inflated, wordy, turgid, loquacious, prolix, long-winded, garrulous, lengthy, rambling, verbose, bombastic.
verbose (adjective)
garrulous, bombastic, voluble, profuse, talkative, loquacious, effusive, grandiloquent, verbose, wordy, chatty.
windy (adjective)
blustery, breezy, cyclonic, gusty, blowing, stormy, drafty, tempestuous.
wordy (adjective)
talkative, ponderous, superfluous, long-winded, endless, grandiloquent, wandering, chatty, prolix, lengthy, verbose, rambling, loquacious, wordy, featherbedding, bombastic, excessive.


brisk, wild, unsettled, breath, squally. increase, turgid, tumescent, plain, shady, overblown, flatulent, leeward, sheltered, tumid, exposed. windy (noun)
breezy, wordy, long-winded, stormy, blowy, tedious, prolix, verbose.

Other synonyms:

leeward, squally, tumescent. flatulent, turgid, sheltered, exposed, shady. overblown, tumid, unsettled. brisk. wild. fresh. Other relevant words:
prolix, tumid, fresh, fluent, airy, squally, wild, brisk, tumescent, overblown, raw, blowy, flatulent, turgid, tedious.

Usage examples for windy

  1. Alice opened her eyes- to the quiet room, and the windy sky outside. – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. Well, this is 'the little grey church on the windy hill', where Margaret came to say her prayers. – The Head Girl at the Gables by Angela Brazil
  3. I might perhaps in a windy day have ascertained the correctness of the report, as then the sandy cascade would appear as a cloud of dust, but the weather was calm during the whole time we were in its vicinity. – A Peep into Toorkisthhan by Rollo Burslem