Synonyms for Exposure:


danger, angle, direction, susceptibility, Endangerment, in place, way, at, position, alignment, illness. darkroom, openness, camera, celluloid, boom, developer, cartridge, digicam, susceptibleness, Asa, Vulnerableness, aperture, camcorder, liability. expose, show, reveal, strip, bare, unwrap, disclose, eye opener, uncover, throw back, strip away, EXPOS. hazard, gambling, peril, fear, threat, risk, menace, stakes. stardom, renown, Fame, celebrity, prominence, the spotlight, notoriety, greatness, immortality. instruction, education, teaching, coaching, mentoring, training, pedagogy, tuition. dog, denounce, fink, denunciation, finger, frame up, frame. confession (noun)
danger (noun)
threat, Endangerment, menace.
detection (noun)
disclosure (noun)
discovery, leak.
discovery (noun)
solution, revelation, manifestation, recognition, deduction, realization, unraveling, espial, identification, acquisition, apocalypse, detection, disclosure, discovery, determination, unmasking, breakthrough.
display (noun)
divestment (noun)
bareness, nudity, baldness, Divestment, nakedness.
experience (noun)
proof, training, evidence.
exposure (noun)
liability, nakedness, denunciation, pic, confession, betrayal, manifestation, acknowledgment, display, presentation, disclosure, revelation, hazard, peril, unfolding, susceptibility, openness, photo, vulnerability, risk, photograph, exhibition, Vulnerableness, unmasking, showing, publicity.
manifestation (noun)
discernibility, appearance, incarnation, demonstration, staging, showing, display, proof, symptom, presentation, unfolding, expression, embodiment, evidence, materialization, exhibition.

Other synonyms:

pedagogy, stardom, immortality, openness, eye opener, prominence, notoriety, mentoring, Fame, Vulnerableness, frame up, confession, fink, renown. denounce, celebrity, education, coaching, denunciation, tuition, teaching. direction, leak, alignment, training, instruction. liability, position. finger. at. frame. risk

Usage examples for exposure

  1. Although in the absence of this vessel, great exposure was necessary to effect this survey, I found both officers and men cheerful and willing. – The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes by Tomás de Comyn Fedor Jagor Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Charles Wilkes
  2. " I am afraid you will find it warm in summer, as it is just under the roof and has a western exposure but I hardly think I could do better for you at the price you are able to pay. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  3. The exposure of him and Nellie, don't you see, must be accidental. – In the Carquinez Woods by Bret Harte