Synonyms for Trust:


con woman, fence, con artist, drug baron, abductor, drug lord, child molester, accessory, CONMAN, arsonist. imagine, mainstay, anchor, guardian, believe in, be a great/firm believer in something, suspect, reckon, confidant, support, security, benefactor, patron, guarantee, recognize, savior, protector. business, conglomerate, organization, accountability, obligation, concern, corporation, combination, commitment, responsibility, compulsion, onus. on deposit, in account with, in the care of, retained, annuity, derivative, capital, Deposited, in the custody of, blue-chip, bond, bonded, given as surety, in the keeping of, debenture, arbitrage, capital-intensive, held, contrarian, capital gains tax. beyond any doubt, firm/safe ground, hunch, gut feeling/instinct, dependence. depend on, live off, bank on, count on, care for, keeping, guardianship, rely on, ride on, turn on, superintendence, custody, supervision, hinge on, care, lean on. syndicate, money, group. artlessness (noun)
genuineness, unaffectedness, plainness, artlessness, unsophistication, honesty, straightforwardness, broadness, directness, bluntness, candor, plain-spokenness, unartfulness, candidness, un-artificiality, sincerity, openness, callowness, frankness, naturalness, naivete.
belief (noun)
creed, tenet, belief, principle, view, postulate, thought, opinion, idea, credence, philosophy, doctrine, dogma.
belief in something as true, trustworthy (noun)
certainty, credit, reliance, assurance, faith, credence, dependence, certitude, confidence, sureness, conviction, hope.
certainty (noun)
confidence, sureness, surety, conviction, faith, certainty, irrefutability, assurance, certitude.
credit (noun)
lien, loan, tally, draft, mortgage, account, tab.
credulity (noun)
persuadability, susceptibility, credulity.
guardianship (noun)
large company (noun)
conglomerate, monopoly, pool, corporation, group, cartel, syndicate, business, combine.
monopoly (noun)
monopoly, union, cartel, pool.
obligation (noun)
reliance (noun)
responsibility (noun)
liability, guardianship, duty.
responsibility, custody (noun)
duty, guardianship, obligation, care, keeping, account, liability.
trust (noun)
corporate trust, desire, bank, confidence, cartel, trustingness, trustfulness, hope, commit, swear, rely, combine, entrust, confide, intrust, reliance, faith.


believe, place confidence in (verb)
accredit, imagine, presume, lean on, expect, count on, suppose, depend on, assume, surmise, bank on.
credit (verb)
entrust, accredit.
give to for safekeeping (verb)
confide, loan, commit, entrust.
hope (verb)
await, wish, anticipate, want, dream of, rely, yearn, hope, expect, aspire, intend, contemplate, desire.

Other synonyms:

hunch, rely on, live off, obligation, onus, compulsion, ride on, accountability, guardianship. keeping, depend on, count on, responsibility, organization, guarantee, bank on, lean on. custody. turn on, reckon. care, believe in. believe
understand, take for granted.
depend on.
rely on.
depend upon
bank on.
reliance, dependence.
Other relevant words:
Deposited, keeping, group, hunch, combine, retained, guardian, dependence, corporation, trustingness, assurance, bonded, bond, annuity, commit, swear, arbitrage, business, accountability, abductor, suspect, reckon, benefactor, corporate trust, patron, trustfulness, protector, rely on, responsibility, depend on, compulsion, capital-intensive, bank, obligation, duty, bank on, commitment, reliance, intrust, CONMAN, savior, count on, security, organization, superintendence, imagine, mainstay, believe in, debenture, syndicate, support, derivative, held, care, guardianship, contrarian, combination, arsonist, supervision, guarantee, confide, conglomerate, confidant, accessory, money, anchor, capital, recognize, lean on, custody, liability, onus, fence, concern.

Usage examples for trust

  1. I trust to see you again very soon." – Wolf Breed by Jackson Gregory
  2. I meant to have done it myself, but I am down now, and I must trust somebody. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  3. Only trust Him, and don't be afraid. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell