Synonyms for Scarce:


deficient (adjective)
few (adjective)
minimum, miserly, few, niggardly, little, spotty, insufficient, negligible, sparse, scanty, minimal.
insufficient (adjective)
skimpy, deficient, stingy, poor, scanty, insufficient, Flyspeck, inadequate, sparse, niggardly, meager, miserly.
insufficient, infrequent (adjective)
rare, sparse, deficient, sporadic, few, short, shy, scanty, at a premium, wanting, occasional.
short (adjective)


just (adverb)


almost, close, all but, practically, well-nigh, nearly. sporadic, usual, occasional. near. scarce (noun)
hardly, deficient, just, rare, scarcely, barely, tight, insufficient.


limited (verb)
not plentiful.

Other synonyms:

sporadic, under, shy. occasional. wanting. short.

Usage examples for scarce

  1. You'd scarce need to be better, for surely that's well enough. – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  2. It did sound strange to me then, their talk- though I've got so used to it now that I scarce notice it at all. – Nurse Heatherdale's Story by Mary Louisa Molesworth
  3. I would scarce have given it another thought were it not for your manner this morning and your words last night. – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy