Synonyms for Strip:


get out, flush out, remove, extract, take off, clear, dislodge, sweep away, take, weed out. decorticate, hospitality, bullfight, scale, cabaret, comedy, air show, corporate hospitality, karaoke, light entertainment, burlesque, light show. kit, box, uncover, shin guard, athletic supporter, leotard, jock, shin pad, jockstrap, cup, jersey. ravage, break down, Depredate, split, branch, screen off, harrow, Spoliate, havoc, carve up, divide. belt, corridor, bank, spur, bridge. reveal, unwrap, disclose, strip away, throw back. clear out, brush, pick up after, tidy, straighten up, clean out, pick up, sort out, clean up. doff, change, get out of, fling off, get, pull off, kick off, off. pole, filament, thread, strap, stick, length, string, spring, line. airport (noun)
artifact (noun)
bed (noun)
landing strip (noun)
flight strip.
piece of paper (noun)
strip (noun)
denude, dismantle, disrobe, rifle, landing strip, ransack, leach, peel, discase, denudate, unclothe, surface, strip down, undress, foray, plunder, opencut, pillage, cartoon strip, divest, despoil, deprive, uncase, airstrip, comic strip, bare, reave, flight strip, slip, loot, clean, strip show, striptease, opencast.
tape (noun)
layer, piece, band, shred.
thin piece of material (noun)
layer, slip, belt, band, stick, shred.


bare, uncover (verb)
expose, despoil, plunder, pillage, ravage, remove, denude, divest, scale, deprive, dismantle, shed, rob, peel, ransack, unclothe, disrobe, take off, decorticate, undress.
divest (verb)
divest, undress, expose, disrobe, unclothe, bare, denude, peel, shed, unclad.
remove clothes erotically (verb)
simplify (verb)
factor, simplify, purify, reduce, elucidate, clarify, refine.

Other synonyms:

dispossess, Depredate, decorticate, band, Spoliate, throw back. filament, strip away, harrow, reveal, disclose, burlesque, uncover. spur. corridor, pole, belt, strap. bridge, length, bank, scale. spring. thread. string. stick. line. pillage
pillage, ravage.
take apart

Usage examples for strip

  1. " All right, lads," he said, " we have got what we wanted, but just strip off one of these fellows' clothes. – With Moore At Corunna by G. A. Henty
  2. There was a strip of red carpet from the door to the street. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  3. It is interpreted to mean, " you shall not make him a chattel, and strip him of legal protection, nor force him to work without pay." – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society