Synonyms for Visionary:


all (adjective)
airy, impractical.
creative (adjective)
constructive, inventive, conceptive, innovative, creative, productive, ingenious, prolific, resourceful, fertile, original, imaginative.
deceptive (adjective)
delusive, illusory.
delusive (adjective)
dreamy (adjective)
idealistic (adjective)
illusive (adjective)
phantasmagoric, phantasmic, phantasmal.
imaginary (adjective)
delusory, dreamy, chimeric, fantastical, imaginary.
mantic (adjective)
moony (adjective)
notional (adjective)
sibylline (adjective)
visionary (adjective)
dreamy, prophetic, delusory, impractical, ideal, starry-eyed, imaginary, unreal, unrealistic, idealistic, quixotic, illusory.


angelic, angel, blasphemous, blessing, blaspheme, absolution, blasphemy, archangel, article of faith, bless. brother, brethren, cleric, cult, farsighted, Baha'i, animism, denomination, congregation, foresight, ascetic, coreligionist, foresighted, prescient. fantastical, notional, imaginary, conceptual, positive, optimistic, bullish, uplifted, in the fond hope that, hopeful, unreal. run riot, prophetic, a vivid imagination, mantic, vatic, thinkable, divinitory, fatidic, Fatidical, imaginings, imagination, sibylline, Augural, Vaticinal, vatical, oracular, originality, creativity. dreamy, woolgathering, moony. idealistic, quixotic, hope, starry-eyed, unrealistic. ability. clairvoyant (noun)
diviner, seer.
person who dreams, is idealistic (noun)
Don Quixote, utopian, romantic, seer, daydreamer, idealist, dreamer.
visionary (noun)
daydreamer, impractical, airy, illusionist, diviner, romanticist, idealist, seer, utopian, Don Quixote, romantic, dreamer.

Other synonyms:

inventor, creative commons, conceptual, thinkable, phantasmic, illusive, starry-eyed, uplifted, moony, phantasmagoric, originality, dreamy, fatidic, hallucinatory, vatical, sibylline, Augural, vatic, chimeric, notional, mantic, foresighted, Fatidical, dreamlike, divinitory, woolgathering, originator, Vaticinal, imaginings. optimistic, creator, pioneer, oracular, progenitor, prophetic, phantasmal, farsighted, prescient, illusory, unrealistic, ideal, fantastical. bullish, imagination, delusory, engineer, author, hopeful. positive. fancied
impractical, quixotic.

Usage examples for visionary

  1. Some ardent spirits dreamt of a Dutch South African Republic with Pretoria for its future capital; and there were probably a few men of the same visionary type in the Colony and the Free State who talked in the same wild way, especially after the Jameson invasion had stirred Dutch feeling to its depths. – Impressions of South Africa by James Bryce
  2. The farmer saw round figures among the possessions of the family, and he assisted mentally in this money- turning of Anthony's, counted his gains for him, disposed his risks, and eyed the pile of visionary gold with an interest so remote, that he was almost correct in calling it disinterested. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. That is very visionary a French poet! – Red Hair by Elinor Glyn