Synonyms for Leaden:


all (adjective)
dull, heavy.
gray (adjective)
mole-gray, iron-gray, salt-and-pepper, neutral-tint, dapple-gray, smoky, mousy, ashen, sluggish, grizzled, silvery, pearl-gray, dingy, taupe, pearly, dull, gray, gloomy, gun metal, battleship-gray, heavy, listless, drab, somber, lead-gray, dreary.
heavy (adjective)
ponderous, pressing, massive, gravitational, oppressive, onerous, weighty, heavy, burdensome, dense.
inert (adjective)
lead-colored (adjective)
gray, pale, dull, ashen, drab.
lethargic (adjective)
sluggish, drooping, torpid, leisurely, slothful, lazy, unhurried, tired, languid, dopey, lifeless, lethargic, lumpish, languorous, indolent, phlegmatic, apathetic, drugged, lackadaisical, dull, insensible, slow, listless, benumbed.
made of lead (adjective)


unfit, infectious, ill, failing, worse, frail, fragile, lead, unhealthy, unwell, metallic, sick. uninspired, pale, fed up, bored, unenthusiastic, world-weary, blase, restless, indifferent. leaded, ferrous, bronze, gold, golden, platinum, lymphatic, Cast iron, iron, brazen, action, flagging, spiritless, limp. wan, weak, insipid, mat, dusky, subdued. leaden (noun)
plodding, cloudy, effortful, heavy, dull, weighted, grey, gray.

Other synonyms:

flagging, ferrous, leaded, metallic. lymphatic, spiritless, dusky, golden, brazen, insipid. subdued, wan. mat, bronze, platinum, Cast iron. gold, iron. Other relevant words:
spiritless, cloudy, grey, golden, insipid, lymphatic, onerous, iron, lead, brazen, mat, pale, effortful, weighted, metallic, flagging, burdensome, ferrous, bronze, weak, gold, bored, platinum, plodding, wan, leaded, world-weary, limp, dusky, blase.

Usage examples for leaden

  1. I can make a profit on this purchase, just as it stands; but there is a way, if I can get your approval, whereby I can make every one of these leaden twenty- dollar pieces worth its face in gold, and perhaps more. – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Last Updated: February 18, 2009
  2. The noise and clamour of the street had died away, though now and then the sound of shouting still came from the distance, and the dull, leaden silence seemed like the quiet after an earthquake or a storm. – The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen
  3. My mother was born in France, and I can truly affirm that I, too, am French in blood, as well as in feeling; but the leaden atmosphere and characteristic gloom of England seem to weigh upon me. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere