Synonyms for Patent:


certain (adjective)
incontrovertible, undeniable, veritable, set, assured, positive, decided, definite, confident, absolute, incontestable, unequivocal, indubitable, indisputable, unmistakable, clear, sure, undoubted, certain, unquestionable, steadfast, Irrefragable, decisive, doubtless, trusting, convinced, irrefutable.
open (adjective)
unbarred, exposed, ajar, gaping, uncovered, agape, unstopped, Admitting, unimpeded, yawning, uncapped, open, Unclosed, accessible, unlocked, bare, manifest, unobstructed, unplugged, unbolted.
unconcealed, conspicuous (adjective)
evident, unequivocal, clear-cut, apparent, plain, unmistakable, indisputable, controlled, crystal clear, open, obvious, limited, clear, manifest.


bond, brief, article, codicil, clause, covenant, licensed, protected, criminal record, affidavit, conveyance, contract, patented, controlled, limited, free. creativity, discovery, unsubtle, contrive, design, devise, creative, development, breakthrough, coin, Frankenstein's Monster, see, broad. crystal clear, clear-cut, noticeable, pronounced. communication (noun)
patent of invention.
copyright on an invention (noun)
license (noun)
secure, trademark, register, monopolize, control, safeguard, exclude, limit, copyright.
obvious (noun)
significant, self-evident.
patent (noun)
evident, plain, unobstructed, patent of invention, letters patent, obvious, manifest, apparent.

Other synonyms:

unsubtle, crystal clear. noticeable, pronounced, clear-cut. broad. engross
Other relevant words:
limit, letters patent, unsubtle, noticeable, safeguard, apparent, register, plain, patent of invention, copyright, protected, crystal clear, broad, significant, control, secure, monopolize, self-evident, limited, patented, evident, trademark, obvious, clear-cut, controlled, pronounced, licensed, exclude.

Usage examples for patent

  1. Make another set of drawings for me, Nipper, and I'll send them down to my patent attorney in Washington. – The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump