Synonyms for Faith:


denomination, profession, cult, persuasion, church, confession, piety, concept, theory, canon, worship, revelation, teaching, ideal. sect. communion. belief (noun)
thought, dogma, opinion, credence, doctrine, postulate, view, philosophy, principle, tenet, idea, creed, belief.
belief in a higher being; community of believers (noun)
sect, church, doctrine, credo, confession, orthodoxy, piety, canon, theology, persuasion, worship, religion, denomination, cult, principle, tenet, communion, dogma, teaching, revelation, creed, gospel, profession.
certainty (noun)
certitude, assurance, surety, conviction, trust, certainty, irrefutability.
cognition (noun)
religion, trust, religious belief.
faith (noun)
religion, trust, religious belief.
hope (noun)
wish, desire, expectation, aspiration, contemplation, optimism, yearning, hope, presumption, sureness, eagerness, confidence, anticipation.
reliance (noun)
religious belief (noun)
school of thought (noun)
theology (noun)
gospel, catechism, orthodoxy, ideology, religion, credo, theology.
trust (noun)
belief, trust, confidence.
trust in something (noun)
certainty, hope, certitude, sureness, acceptance, credence, loyalty, belief, fidelity, conviction, dependence, allegiance, confidence, surety, troth, assurance.

Other synonyms:

concept, theory, ideal. denomination, sect, persuasion. church, revelation, communion. confession. allegiance
Other relevant words:
canon, persuasion, cult, assurance, communion, confession, religious belief, loyalty, sect, worship, teaching, allegiance, profession, denomination, dependence, ideal, revelation, acceptance, fidelity, church, piety, troth.

Usage examples for faith

  1. Welcome all who are for the true faith – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. I've had faith in you from the very first." – The Grafters by Francis Lynde