Synonyms for Impression:


impress, attitude, indentation, footprint, reputation, print, stand, matrix, self-assessment, dent, viewpoint, form, stance, mark, track, spoor. capitalize, dotted line, capitalise, bold, reaction, galley, font, format, full page, impact. hypothesis, monologue, Punch and Judy show, impersonation, guess, burlesque, improvisation, conjecture, interpretation, recital, juggling act, recitation. stand out, exceed (someone's) expectations, take your breath away, be an inspiration to someone, repercussion, affect, be really/quite something, influence, commend itself (to someone), knock your socks off, put someone/something in the shade, make a favorable impression (on someone). appearance, surface. intuition, suspicion, hunch. indent, marks. words. belief (noun)
hypothesis, opinion.
cognition (noun)
belief, notion, feeling, opinion.
design made by pressing (noun)
dent, depression, imprint, print, impress, track, matrix, indentation, mark, stamp, outline, form, spoor, cast, footprint.
doubt (noun)
effect (noun)
engraving (noun)
lino print, mezzotint, photogravure, engraving, Xylography, scoring, lino cut, Zincography, photoengraving, etching, copperplate, Chalcography, woodcut, lithograph.
feeling (noun)
tingle, experience, feverishness, agitation, sensation, mood, thrill, sympathy, feeling, ardor, affection, response, passion, emotion.
feeling, idea (noun)
hunch, perception, opinion, conjecture, notion, image, belief, suspicion, sensation.
footmark (noun)
imitation (noun)
impression (noun)
feeling, depression, effect, picture, opinion, belief, imprint, stamp, printing, mental picture, notion.
influence (noun)
feeling, response, impact, reaction, effect.
pretending to be somebody (noun)
imitation, impersonation.
publication (noun)
representation (noun)
carving, bust, cast, effigy, photograph, copy, analogy, figurine, facsimile, idol, representation, depiction, miniature, imitation, rendering, portrayal, pastiche, snapshot, approximation, model, statue, cartoon, outline, drawing, replica, metaphor, image, silhouette, likeness, duplication, picture, illustration.
sensibility (noun)
consciousness, awareness, responsiveness, cognizance, sentience, perception, astuteness.

Other synonyms:

print, stance, reputation, Punch and Judy show. impersonation, appearance, improvisation, burlesque, monologue, intuition, repercussion, interpretation, self-assessment, attitude, juggling act, hunch, recitation, indent, viewpoint, recital. influence. stand. impress. mark. collision
Other relevant words:
form, font, bold, capitalise, belief, viewpoint, effect, monologue, stamp, guess, mental picture, burlesque, stance, format, appearance, affect, influence, intuition, marks, attitude, repercussion, surface, imprint, hunch, conjecture, reaction, notion, indent, track, print, impersonation, hypothesis, opinion, footprint, spoor, mark, recitation, suspicion, self-assessment, indentation, reputation, printing, interpretation, recital, impact, words, dent, galley, matrix, capitalize, improvisation, depression, impress, stand.

Usage examples for impression

  1. And then, also, too much paper made too deep an impression – The Adventures of Bobby Orde by Stewart Edward White
  2. Under this impression he goes into battle or takes up his position in the lines. – Over the Top With the Third Australian Division by G. P. Cuttriss