Synonyms for Atomic:


infinitesimal (adjective)
nuclear (adjective)
tiny (adjective)
microscopic, diminutive, minute.
united (adjective)
holistic, homogeneous, coincident, entire, integral, coherent, unified, uniform, integrated, intact, cohesive, single, united, solid, same, congruous, undivided, complete, congruent.


chain, atom, atomic weight, atomic number, antiparticle, anion, cation, atomic mass. fission, becquerel, half-life, cosmic radiation, carbon dating, cosmic rays, alpha particle, Gamma rays, Geiger Counter. atomic (noun)
small, thermonuclear, microscopic, nuclear, minute, microscopical, atomlike.
minute (noun)
diminutive, tiny.

Other synonyms:

cation, Gamma rays, atomic number, atomic mass, atom, Geiger Counter, anion, becquerel, cosmic rays, atomic weight, alpha particle, fission, cosmic radiation, carbon dating, half-life, antiparticle. chain. microscopic
Other relevant words:
chain, fission, tiny, half-life, anion, small, diminutive, becquerel, atomlike, antiparticle, thermonuclear, microscopic, cation, nuclear, microscopical, minute, atom.

Usage examples for atomic

  1. Whenever there is a big game it doesn't mean that the little atomic groups which enter into it are all changed around. – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills
  2. Atomic force was obviously useless against the thing from the asteroid. – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard