Synonyms for Fop:


dresser, dag, metrosexual, dweeb. dandy (noun)
coxcomb, dude, peacock, buck, beau, Beau Brummell, fine gentleman, fashion plate, clotheshorse, man-about-town, sport, macaroni, exquisite.
fashion plate (noun)
fop (noun)
clotheshorse, blood, blade, cavalier, beau, fashion plate, peacock, dandy, gallant, beauty, sheik, dude, swell, socialite.

Other synonyms:

coxcomb, metrosexual, dag. dresser. Other relevant words:
dweeb, dag, coxcomb, dresser, Beau Brummell, macaroni, sheik, exquisite, man-about-town, buck, sport, fashion plate, fine gentleman, metrosexual.

Usage examples for fop

  1. What has the Englishman of to- day in common with that rather lovable fop drunkard and bully who would faint with ecstasy over Byron's Parisina after pistolling his best friend in a duel about a wench or a lap- dog? – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas