Synonyms for Alone:


abandoned (adjective)
celibate (adjective)
bachelor, unplowed, chaste, lone, pure, virginal, asexual, unmarried, abstinent, maiden, unwed, monkish, ascetic, solitary, old maid, intact, celibate, monastic, abstemious, spinsterish, single.
matchless (adjective)
incomparable, matchless, nonpareil.
peerless (adjective)
secluded (adjective)
Ostracized, isolated, boycott, lonely, hermitic, outcast, Eliminated, cloistered, secluded, Excommunicated, anonymous, Disbarred, confined, cordoned, Banished, Deported, xenophobic, sequestered, Extradited, detached, Expatriated, solitary, antisocial, Excluded, Ejected, segregated, Extirpated, Exiled, blacklisted, aloof, maverick, Blackballed, misanthropic, closeted, alienated, reclusive, separated.
separate; apart (adjective)
forlorn, unaided, friendless, isolated, single, unmarried, detached, unaccompanied, deserted, lone, unassisted, lonesome, desolate, solo, only, individual, forsaken, lonely, abandoned, Companionless, solitary.
single-handed (adjective)
to the exclusion of; unique (adjective)
peerless, solely, singular, singly, unique, unparalleled, unmatched, incomparable, unequalled, unrivaled, matchless.
unassisted (adjective)


all (adverb)
exclusively, entirely, solely, only.


completely (adverb)
single-handed (adverb)


individual, desolate, forlorn, adrift, abandoned, separate, forsaken, Companionless, estranged, deserted, apart, lonesome, lorn, friendless, single-handed. singly, unaided, unilateral, personally, unsupported, unassisted, on your own account. except, unexampled, exclusive of something, Excepting, save, otherwise than, beyond, with the exception of, Excluding. stand-alone, do something of your own accord, sink or swim, do your own thing, be alone in (doing) something, fend for yourself, include, mind your own business, go solo. isolate, removed. nonpareil, peerless, singular, matchless, unmatched, same, unrivaled. alone (noun)
lone, home alone, only, solitary, unequalled, (all) by yourself, incomparable, unsocial, exclusive, solo, in isolation, uncomparable, exclusively, unparalleled, unequaled, solely, lonely, unaccompanied, entirely, (all) on your own, unique.


forget (verb)
ignore, neglect, let alone.
separate (verb)

Other synonyms:

unaided, unassisted, adrift, abandoned, unilateral, Companionless, forlorn, single-handed, estranged, unmatched. unexampled, nonpareil, desolate, singly, unsupported, matchless. peerless, personally, unrivaled. removed. alone
home alone.
Other relevant words:
exclusively, nonpareil, neglect, individual, unassisted, lonesome, forsaken, abandoned, removed, unaided, desolate, peerless, incomparable, include, save, Excepting, lorn, solo, except, deserted, isolate, separate, ignore, apart, unsupported, only, unsocial, personally, exclusive, unequalled, unmatched, unilateral, singly, unaccompanied, friendless, unrivaled, same, Companionless, unexampled, entirely, Excluding, adrift, beyond, unparalleled, in isolation, singular, estranged, matchless, unique, single-handed, unequaled, forlorn, uncomparable, solely.

Usage examples for alone

  1. We were left alone – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  2. I think he is all right if you let him alone – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice
  3. But he was alone – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas