Synonyms for Private:


all (adjective)
individual, secret.
close (adjective)
hidden, isolated (adjective)
secluded, removed, withdrawn, sequestered, solitary, retired.
personal, intimate (adjective)
individual, nonpublic, exclusive, off the record, closet, separate, confidential, not open, inside, own, secret, privy.
private (adjective)
exclusive, confidential, secret, intimate, personal, esoteric.
secluded (adjective)
secret (adjective)
inside, confidential, privy.
special (adjective)
single, retired, solitary, own, removed, isolated, off the record, withdrawn, separate, behind-the-scenes, not open.
top-secret (adjective)


cannon fodder, airman, grenadier, foot soldier, airwoman, commando, crew, gi, bombardier, green beret. specific, anonymous, unknown, strange, uncertain, obscure. fast, austere, back-to-nature, living, bohemian, gracious, inactive, monastic, enclosed, new age. auricular, inside, secretive, shadowy, in strict confidence, classified, show. limiting, prohibitive, within limits, finite, restricted, under control, restrictive, limited. individualistic, respective, several, one-man, on a personal level, one-woman, be someone's affair. lowest rank of person enlisted in armed service (noun)
private (noun)
cloistered, nonpublic, personal, snobbish, inward, closed-door, privy, toffee-nosed, sequestered, one-on-one, individual, common soldier, offstage, clubby, cliquish, tete a tete, secret, close, secluded, snobby, confidential, clannish, buck private, reclusive, insular, closet, backstage.

Other synonyms:

anonymous, commonly, demotic, own, vox pop, auricular, strange. popularly, obscure, populist, unknown. popular, inside, uncertain. tete-a-tete
tete a tete.

Usage examples for private

  1. Jerry Makeshift came to a private exhibition, and was enthusiastic about it. – The Sweep Winner by Nat Gould
  2. We have a private room, and can talk politics as much as we like. – The Prussian Terror by Alexandre Dumas