Synonyms for Staying:


occupying (adjective)


occupancy (noun)
habitation, tenancy, occupation, residence, colonization, inhabitation.


ceasing (verb)
halting, Remitting, Suspending, Interrupting, Ceasing, ending, Pausing, Terminating, stopping, closing, Quitting, breaking, Discontinuing, Desisting, Culminating, Refraining, Abandoning.
dismissing (verb)
Exempting, Relieving, Reprieving, Discharging, Excepting, Privileging, Excusing, Absolving, Pardoning, liberating, Dismissing, Permitting, Licensing, releasing, freeing, Dispelling.
fastening (verb)
binding, splicing, suturing, lashing, Buckling, Cementing, Bracketing, Fusing, Pasting, Knotting, knitting, stitching, coupling, fastening, Gluing, Tethering, Hinging, Plaiting, connecting, zipping, basting, weaving, lacing, strapping, Linking, Clinching, welding, tacking, Stringing, Chaining, tying, braiding, Hitching, sewing.
hindering (verb)
frustrating, Deterring, Impairing, countering, jamming, baffling, Handicapping, Entangling, Burdening, barring, constraining, Delaying, Damming, restricting, impeding, dragging, fettering, Cramping, braking, Resisting, Complicating, Detaining, Checking, Encumbering, curbing, hindering, Paralyzing, Restraining, congesting, bottlenecking, Crimping, choking, Snagging, inhibiting, Obstructing, Hampering, Bunging, Entrapping, catching, constipating, Tangling, Snarling, Hamstringing, thwarting, Fouling, Plugging, crippling, Clogging, Miring, opposing, blocking.
interrupting (verb)
Postponing, Recessing.
occupying (verb)
quartering, Colonizing, Billeting, dwelling, Residing, housing, Occupying, squatting, Roosting, lodging, Inhabiting.
persevering (verb)
continuing, persisting, surviving, enduring, abiding, persevering, lasting.
remaining (verb)
Tarrying, remaining, lingering, prevailing.
resting (verb)
sleeping, Stagnating, settling down, Becalming, subsiding, settling, Quieting, Stilling, slumbering, fixing, Resting, calming, waiting, tranquilizing, marking time, Vegetating, standing.
stopping (verb)
holding, freezing.

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Usage examples for Staying

  1. He took her back to the lodgings where they were staying – Watersprings by Arthur Christopher Benson
  2. My friend had a loss while she was staying at the inn. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  3. To your staying on. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart