Synonyms for Quits:


extension, borrowing, debt collector, borrowing power, creditworthiness, financier, creditor, foreclose, pay, compound interest, even, square, quit, creditworthy. quits (noun)


abandons (verb)
vacates, defects, surrenders, Leaves, relinquishes, discontinues, drops, abdicates, evacuates, abandons, resigns, forsakes, deserts.
departs (verb)
decamps, embarks, exits, departs, withdraws, parts, flees, goes.
gives up (verb)
stops, ceases, gives up, desists.
relinquishes (verb)
sheds, disowns, forgoes, capitulates, waives, disclaims, releases, renounces.

Other synonyms:

square. even. quit. Other relevant words:
even, pay, quit, equal, square.

Usage examples for quits

  1. So, as soon as we can, we quits – Shorty McCabe by Sewell Ford
  2. The first ten- thou' high- water mark we hit I'm quits – Gaslight Sonatas by Fannie Hurst
  3. He quits work not because he wants to loaf, but because he wants to go somewhere else. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White