Synonyms for Party:


binge, panel, ball, commission, carousal, gala, Support Group, tear, recreation, function, fun, shindig, organization, amusement, social, gathering, performance, police, spree, dinner, tea, bee, reception, riot, splurge, blowout, affair, feast, flash mobbing, association, entertainment, flash mob, diversion, banquet, accommodation. all-nighter, bachelor party, bachelorette party, afterparty, B and S, block party, multitude, baby shower. bloc, combine, front, nationalist, bipartisan, independent, dissident, ministerial, the faithful, electorate, apolitical, liberal, combination. defendant, get, delight in, contractor, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, drink in, litigant, participant, revel in, like, go in for, have your fun, confederate, love, agent. corps, performing arts. cartel. participate, player, actor. human, creature, man, life, personage, mortal, human being, soul, being. clump, array, knot, bundle, cluster, lot, batch, clutch. expedition (noun)
festival (noun)
gang, group (noun)
team, multitude, squad, mob, assembly, force, crew, covey, band, outfit, troupe, corps, cluster, detachment, body, crowd, company, gathering, bunch, bevy, troop.
group (noun)
company, political party.
group supporting certain beliefs (noun)
clique, cabal, ring, league, association, coterie, electorate, faction, coalition, junta, combination, set, sect, union, combine, bloc.
human being (noun)
mortal, person, body.
individual (noun)
man, being, personage, human, mortal, somebody, creature, person.
party (noun)
political party, partizan, company, partisan.
person(s) involved in legal action (noun)
agent, confederate, contractor, participant, actor, litigant, defendant.
school (noun)
school of thought (noun)
social gathering (noun)
blowout, affair, fun, fete, banquet, amusement, soiree, spree, feast, entertainment, bash, dinner, ball, riot, function, carousal, tea, celebration, DO, festivity, diversion, shindig, splurge, social, gala, reception.
social occasion (noun)


celebrate (verb)
enjoy, make merry, revel, proclaim, exult, hail, hallow, trumpet, commemorate, cheer, fete, salute, celebrate, inaugurate, praise, frolic, carouse, honor, observe, jubilate, acclaim, memorialize, solemnize, venerate, glorify, rejoice, laud.

Other synonyms:

defendant, soiree, bee. bundle, batch, cartel, corps, human being, participant, gala, blowout, function, celebration, entertainment. creature, actor, organization, bloc, festivity, reception, bash, human. ball, person, clump, personage, man. cluster, knot. mortal. combination, player, life, soul, lot. being. occasion. assembly
make merry.
affair, shindig.
Other relevant words:
entertainment, blowout, organization, corps, gala, partisan, celebration, gathering.

Usage examples for party

  1. One day they were at a party and he went out in the course of the evening. – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  2. I really think I must give a party – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook
  3. I do, but- he is not of our party – Dorothy Dale by Margaret Penrose