Synonyms for Conserved:


conserved (adjective)
reserved, kept, maintained, saved, preserved.
preserved (adjective)
Bottled, canned, archived, kept, refrigerated, marinated, Embalmed, frozen, Mummified, preserved, quick-frozen, Banked.


conserved (noun)


conserved (verb)
preserved, kept, maintained, saved, reserved.
economized (verb)
moderated, budgeted, pinched pennies, Scrimped, saved, Economized.
preserved (verb)
quick-froze, petrified, Froze.
protected (verb)
sheltered, Defended, safeguarded, shielded, secured, protected, guarded, covered.
retained (verb)
retained, Prevented, held, Hindered.

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Usage examples for conserved

  1. If then, the water that wastefully and ruinously flows down in the spring is conserved all through the summer, the river has been made more than four times as valuable. – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler