Synonyms for Superior:


admirable (adjective)
greatest, wonderful, super, excellent, exquisite.
arrogant (adjective)
vain, conceited.
arrogant, haughty (adjective)
proud, patronizing, condescending.
better (adjective)
better, greater, higher; excellent (adjective)
good, expert, exceptional, over, senior, exceeding, remarkable, fine, premium, capital, of higher rank, first-rate, choice, preferable, finer, paramount, surpassing, preferred, predominant, above, noteworthy, a cut above.
champion (adjective)
premier, tops, blue-ribbon, splendid, outstanding, prime.
chief (adjective)
highest, preeminent, arch, controlling, leading, foremost, champion, supreme, ruling, uppermost, star.
distinctive (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
blue-ribbon, A plus, prime, exquisite, ace, select, splendid, superlative, choice, premium, A 1, excellent, fine, exemplary, above par, classic, all-star.
exceptional (adjective)
novel, marvelous, fantastic, outstanding, unusual, fabulous, unprecedented, miraculous, striking, exotic, excellent, noteworthy, extraordinary, remarkable, notable, peculiar, wonderful, sensational, phenomenal, exceptional, outlandish, Wonderous.
important (adjective)
high up, high-level, high.
superior (adjective)
supreme, champion, paramount, Headmost, commanding, choice, chosen, furthest, ascendant, foremost, maximum, signal, better, master, ruling, furthermost, senior, predominant, zenith, king, best, most, dominant, crowning, uppermost, quintessential, above, chief, elite, sovereign, leading, consummate, A 1, controlling, eminent.
tiptop (adjective)
top (adjective)
loftiest, top, uppermost, highest, maximum, greatest, foremost, most, best.


over, high up, topmost, aloft, elevated. cushdy, singular, plum. immodest, proud, egocentric, arrogant, vain, conceited, self-opinionated, self-satisfied. intellectual, expert, the intelligentsia, consultant, specialist, authority, pundit, veteran, observer. unhoped-for, so much the better, an improvement on something, improved, preferable. huge, large, enormous, king-size, wide, vast, big. higher (noun)
preferred, in ascendency, finer, a cut above, of higher rank, more exalted, exceeding.
superior (noun)
nobility, paragon, first-rate, higher up, prodigy, a-one, top-level, capital, eminent, spiffing, blue-ribbon, surpassing, leader, commanding, wonderwoman, high-level, majestic, commander, upper-level, upper, master, premium, exceller, gilt-edged, boss, superman, premier, top-hole, outstanding, superb, preeminent, high, superlative, pukka, virtuoso, brilliant, choice, pucka, senior, star, superwoman, topping, top-ranking, quality, lake superior, superordinate, patronising, sterling, superscript, prime, topnotch, greatest, unaffected, supreme, transcendent, prize winner, olympian, select, ace, prize, condescending, super, president, high-performance, excellent, victor, aristocracy, higher-ranking, winner, tops, arch, leading, shining, patronizing, prima donna, brag, chief, fine, champ, high-ranking, well-made, fantabulous, good, banner, first class, top-flight, champion, tiptop, ranking, dominant.


above (preposition)
high, aloft.

Other synonyms:

co-worker, plum, cushdy, counterpart, conceited, singular, vain, unhoped-for, opposite number, colleague, egocentric, workmate, self-satisfied, self-opinionated. immodest. over. associate. relief. egotistic
higher up.
Other relevant words:
superb, first class, upper, first-rate, over.

Usage examples for superior

  1. " I have never known any superior to them," said Elizabeth. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. Think of the little one, and let us be thankful that we belong to a superior race. – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing