Synonyms for Endurance:


fitness, athleticism, duration, continuance, energy, continuation, brawn, muscle, force, virility. continuing, enduring, suffering, bearing. continue. continuum, continuity. bearing hardship; staying power (noun)
strength, tenacity, restraint, suffering, patience, guts, stamina, submission, backbone, mettle, resignation, enduring, bearing, resistance, grit, sufferance, will, coolness, spunk, pluck, persistence, perseverance, continuing, tolerance.
continuation (noun)
survival, enduring.
continuity, lastingness (noun)
continuance, immutability, duration, continuation, durability, permanence, longevity.
courage (noun)
durability (noun)
lengthiness, durability.
duration (noun)
endurance (noun)
energy (noun)
permanence (noun)
everlastingness, perpetuity, abidingness, fixedness, immutability, persistency, permanence, constancy, lastingness.
perpetuity (noun)
continuousness, infinity, interminability, endlessness, eternity, time immemorial, immortality, ceaselessness, forever.
perseverance (noun)
indefatigability, unfailingness, staying power, persistence, bravery, grit, stamina, steadfastness, indomitability, patience, sand, tenacity, perseverance, survivability.
progression (noun)

Other synonyms:

continuation, continuum, athleticism, virility, brawn, tolerance. duration, continuance. continuity, energy, muscle. strength. force. lifespan
Other relevant words:
will, pluck, coolness, sufferance, continuing, continuum, brawn, long-suffering, longevity, continuance, force, spunk, diligence, backbone, continue, duration, forbearance, toughness, enduring, continuation, bearing, energy, submission, strength, survival, mettle, resignation, continuity, guts, suffering, tolerance, restraint.

Usage examples for endurance

  1. Where you go, I have the limbs and the endurance to go too! – Basil by Wilkie Collins
  2. It was beyond endurance – A Man and a Woman by Stanley Waterloo
  3. Human endurance can bear no more. – The Northern Iron 1907 by George A. Birmingham