Synonyms for Country:


rural, pastoral (adjective)
unrefined, homey, provincial, campestral, arcadian, uncultured.


background music, farm, uncultured, backing, homey, backwoods, blues, acid jazz, bhangra, provincial, bebop, unrefined, ambient, backup, bluegrass, acid house, hick. the borderland, breadbasket, co, belt, airspace, corridor. autarky, dictatorship, federation, monarchy, oligarchy, polity, politics, protectorate. demographic, inhabited, the country, Demographics, pop, people, terrain, turf, birth rate, baby boom, eugenics, overpopulated. down-home, campestral, arcadian, the (great) outdoors, the land. body politic (noun)
Res Publica.
country (noun)
state, nonclassical, hillbilly, a people, land, folk, commonwealth, area, Res Publica, country-bred, rural, rural area, country-style, nation, western, body politic.
location (noun)
state, land.
political territory; nation (noun)
terrain, land, commonwealth, polity, kingdom, state, region, people, realm.
rural area; area away from city (noun)
countryside, backwoods, back country, province, green belt.

Other synonyms:

bedroom community, backwater, arcadian, backwoods, down-home, airspace, campestral, protectorate, the borderland, breadbasket, the boonies, the boondocks, hick, federation, back country. oligarchy, dictatorship, belt, provincial, turf. monarchy, autarky, corridor, co. terrain. republic
res publica
Res Publica.
rural area
rural area, countryside.
Other relevant words:
western, protectorate, nonclassical, country-style, belt, farm, homey, down-home, polity, back country, countryside, rural area, rural, uncultured, land, turf, airspace, people, commonwealth, backwoods, folk, body politic, Res Publica, backwater, terrain, hick, campestral, country-bred, unrefined, corridor, provincial, oligarchy, green belt, arcadian, monarchy, hillbilly.

Usage examples for country

  1. No country should be so long without one. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  2. I am going to leave this country never to return, and do not yet know where I will go. – Cord and Creese by James de Mille