Synonyms for City:


metropolitan (adjective)
citified, civic, municipal, urban, civil.
regional (adjective)
divisional, tract, zone, precinct, colonial, commonwealth, realm, town, canton, circuit, state, riding, area, district, regional, sector, territorial, borough, county, provincial, local, quarter, national, shire.


center, locale, scene, location, venue, setting, base, site, whereabouts. capital, city state, county seat, conurbation, dormitory town, county town, boom town, urban, the big smoke. charter, civilization, city planning, citified, built-up, cityscape, citywide. area (noun)
locality, township, precinct, quarter.
city (noun)
urban center, metropolis.
large town (noun)
borough, burg, center, capital, municipality, conurbation, boom town, metropolis, place.
location (noun)
urban center, metropolis.
region (noun)
canton, shire, region, circuit, sector, neighborhood, zone, county, state, colony, commonweal, earldom, province, plot, lot, territory, kingdom, quarter, place, parcel, town, tract, locality, empire, country, borough, district, riding, area, field, nation, municipality, duchy, bailiwick, dukedom, domain, realm, precinct, beat, division.
town (noun)
hamlet, metropolis, suburb, village, burg, township.
urban (noun)
civic, civil, municipal, urban, metropolitan.

Other synonyms:

built-up, citified, city planning, county seat, county town, urban, conurbation, dormitory town, city state, boom town, the big smoke, citywide, civic. metropolitan, civilization. charter. capital. self-governing
Other relevant words:
capital, cityscape, center, county town, civil, county seat, urban, locale, venue, scene, municipal, urban center, charter, boom town, civic, citified, conurbation, citywide, setting, civilization, whereabouts, site, location, built-up, base, metropolitan.

Usage examples for city

  1. Whatever they do, the city will never be taken. – By Pike and Dyke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic by G.A. Henty
  2. You've always said that he was a busy man, and once you heard him say that he had never been out of New York City – Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore by Amy Brooks
  3. In fact, this is the city of Kneuros. – The Players by Everett B. Cole