Synonyms for Tail:


back (adjective)
hindmost, following, hind, aft.
end (adjective)
rear (adjective)
stern, posterior, back, bottom, backside, rear.


airfoil, black box, aileron, avionics, ballast, flag, AWACS, cue, brush, aerofoil, altimeter, bay, extremity. body, belly, antler, blowhole, arm, precede, anatomical, anatomy, tag end, capsule, bony, carapace. anorak, wake, cape, coat, dj, bomber jacket, dinner jacket, cloak, bolero, duffel coat, blazer. bib, collar, watcher, bodice, breast pocket, buttonhole, armhole, care label, investigate. flap, overhang, projection, point, protrusion, bird dog, ridge, limb, protuberance, snout. bill, coin, copper, bread, cash, change, banknote, bucks, coinage. hound, stick to, follow around. back (noun)
aftermost, tail end, end, hindquarters, rear, bottom, posterior, hindmost, backside, stern, back.
backside (noun)
fanny, bottom.
behind (noun)
fundament, seat, following, shadowing, trailing.
bottom (noun)
buttocks (noun)
fanny, behind.
detective (noun)
sleuth, bird dog.
follower (noun)
conclusion, follower, postscript.
rear (noun)
caboose, derriere, seat, rump, fanny, hind, behind.
tail (noun)
dock, conclusion, fag end, aft, dog, shadower, buttocks, tail assembly, trail, tush, backside, go after, rear end, seat, tooshie, extremity, hind end, derriere, tag end, chase after, rear, shadow, tail end, bottom, rump, butt, nates, quarter, end, stern, can, bum, hindquarters, empennage, chase, behind, track, tag, fanny, prat, buns, posterior, keister, bob, after part, fundament.


contact (verb)
dock, bob.
follow (verb)
ensue, lag, descend, result, succeed.
pursue (verb)
quest, chase, aim, intend, track, undertake, seek, stalk, follow, pursue, dog, search, aspire, hunt, strive, endeavor, harry, sleuth, trail.
tail (verb)
hound, pursue, trail, track, shadow, stalk, dog.

Other synonyms:

follow around, tag end. bird dog. watcher. hound. stick to. fold
go after, stick to, tag.
rear end.
Other relevant words:
bill, carapace, avionics, airfoil, backside, tush, body, clampdown, snout, APB, aerofoil, cash, check, cue, anatomy, empennage, checkpoint, tag end, capsule, extremity, bread, origin, shadower, projection, aft, beat, coin, shadow, hound, ballast, bird dog, buttocks, cloak, limb, flap, brush, buttonhole, overhang, prat, can, tail assembly, bum, quarter, bolero, tag, dock, butt, hindquarters, shadowing, go after, after part, coat, AWACS, cape, watcher, buns, dj, bucks, armhole, anorak, investigate, wake, aileron, protuberance, bodice, point, chase after, tail end, flag, blowhole, belly, arm, anatomical, change, altimeter, bay, ridge, following, fundament, bib, clue, trailing, banknote, copper, keister, tooshie, hind end, precede, protrusion, blazer, collar, antler, bob, bony, coinage, nates.

Usage examples for tail

  1. He swung his tail as though to show them that he cared for no one. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. What do you think of that imp's tail – M. or N. "Similia similibus curantur." by G.J. Whyte-Melville
  3. Ten thousan' bucks in my tail pocket! – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory