Synonyms for Roundabout:


indirect (adjective)
devious, Deviating, tortuous, circuitous, circular.
tautological (adjective)


connection, chicane, corner, central reservation, bicycle lane, bend, bike lane, carpool lane, camber, cloverleaf. sandbox, monkey bars, sandpit, paddling pool, playhouse, climbing frame, seesaw, jungle gym, rocking horse. zigzag, twisty. tortuous, anfractuous, straight, circular. circumlocutionary, repetition, words, tautological. indirect (noun)
merry-go-round (noun)
roundabout (noun)
circus, circuit, circuitous, whirligig, orbit, devious, carousel, merry-go-round, halo, loop, hemisphere, annulus, areola, rotary, ring, circuitousness, circle, circumference, circularity, compass, traffic circle, carrousel, indirect.
traffic circle (noun)
traffic circle.

Other synonyms:

sandpit, monkey bars, twisty, paddling pool, sandbox, climbing frame, rocking horse, jungle gym, circumlocutionary. tautological, anfractuous, seesaw, playhouse. zigzag. tortuous. circuitous
circular, circuitous.
Other relevant words:
cloverleaf, circuitous, chicane, bend, straight, words, sandpit, carrousel, indirect, whirligig, traffic circle, sandbox, Deviating, repetition, camber, anfractuous, merry-go-round, carousel, twisty, corner, tautological, connection, seesaw, tortuous, devious, zigzag, circular, playhouse, rotary, circumlocutionary.

Usage examples for roundabout

  1. He bought and cleared, and sold and rebought farm lands roundabout – Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana by Durham, Andrew Everett
  2. Course I does not come right out and ask him about it; but I leads him up to it gentle and roundabout – J. Poindexter, Colored by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb
  3. A certain distrust of his own sensibility, which he felt to be curiously inconsistent with his most positive convictions, led him to seek the river bridge by a roundabout route which did not take him past the house where, a few hours before, he had seen the last fragment of his idol shattered beyond the hope of repair. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt