Synonyms for Fortune:


fortunate, dumb luck, fortuitous, hot, charmed, fortunately, beginner's luck, lottery. big money, Payout, pretty penny, packet, windfall, bundle. hap, success, results, triumph, victory, fortuitousness, health, the big time, certain, greatness. thank God/goodness/heaven(s), third time's the/a charm, Luckiness, luck is on someone's side, Fortunateness, (it's) all right for someone, there but for the grace of God (go I), lucky (old) you/me etc.. owned, resource, mean. pelf, rich. kismet, predestination. acquisition (noun)
money (noun)
currency, petty cash, greenback, scratch, cash, change, bank note, check, bond, ways and means, note, nugget, coinage, money, draft, issue, wampum, coupon, bullion, bankroll, gross, funds, wherewithal, dollar, swag, dough, lucre, pocket money, wad, sterling, iou, treasure, proceeds, bill, pounds, balance sheet, assets, stock, money order, wallet, ingot, loot, silver, receipts, promissory note, copper, purse, spending money, moolah, gold.
phenomenon (noun)
hazard, luck, chance.
predestination (noun)
prosperity (noun)
wealth (noun)
opulence, prosperousness, estate, income, affluence, landslide, property, capital, profit, wealth, plenty, possessions, prosperity, worth, asset, riches, net worth, sufficiency, plenteousness.


predict (verb)
foretell, prognosticate, forecast.

Other synonyms:

hap, fortunately, big money, the big time, fortuitousness, Luckiness, Payout, pretty penny, kismet, beginner's luck, fortunate, charmed, fortuitous, lottery, Fortunateness, dumb luck. pelf, success, packet, windfall, victory. bundle, triumph. health, resource. mean. hot. fate

Usage examples for fortune

  1. " It will be quite a little fortune to me. – King of the Castle by George Manville Fenn
  2. It is certainly lucky that your wife had a fortune – Artists' Wives by Alphonse Daudet
  3. More than a fortune to me, who stood in such need of ready money. – The Millionaire Baby by Anna Katharine Green