Synonyms for Officer:


ambassador, agent, account executive, businessperson, businesswoman, businessman, capitalist. chief of staff, brigadier general, police, col, co, adjutant, CDR, brigadier, colonel, aide-de-camp, sheriff, deputy. Administrant, cadet, commissioner, EXEC, over, chief of police. gendarme, constable, law, heat, patrolwoman, policewoman, flatfoot, peace officer, patrolman, man, fuzz, finest, bobby, Bluecoat, peeler, cop, copper, bull. director (noun)
baron, boss, general, mayor, warden, foreman, ringmaster, conductor, magistrate, taskmaster, queen, administrator, supervisor, ringleader, overseer, overlord, band master, king, superintendent.
financial officer (noun)
master (noun)
commandant, director, quartermaster, master, guru, leader, squire, governor, mahatma, executive, sire, ruler, proprietress, mandarin, mother, senior, authority, proprietor, manager, maestro, abbot, head, landlady, commander, chief, kingpin, landlord, lord, dean, titleholder, captain, principal, star, president, headmistress, headmaster.
officer (noun)
police officer, officeholder, policeman, military officer, ship's officer.
patrolman (noun)
person in law enforcement (noun)
police officer, captain, cop, sheriff, police, flatfoot.
person who has high position in (noun)
executive, director, officeholder, leader, head, agent, president, deputy, magistrate, chief, official, manager.
policeman (noun)
patrolwoman, patrolman.
police officer (noun)
finest, constable, bobby, peace officer, Bluecoat, gendarme, flatfoot.
treasurer (noun)
comptroller, lender, teller, financier, treasurer, controller, official, cashier, moneylender, bursar, auditor, trustee, loaner, bookkeeper, banker, accountant.

Other synonyms:

gendarme, finest, EXEC, policewoman, peeler, bobby, patrolwoman, copper, Administrant, constable, flatfoot, Bluecoat. fuzz, peace officer, patrolman. police, cop. bull. man. heat. law. Other relevant words:
cop, ship's officer, bobby, aide-de-camp, man, cadet, peace officer, brigadier general, law, sheriff, Administrant, CDR, chief of staff, ambassador, police officer, agent, copper, brigadier, commissioner, businessman, officeholder, bull, over, heat, patrolman, constable, military officer, colonel, policeman, peeler, chief of police, businesswoman, businessperson, finest, policewoman, patrolwoman, adjutant, Bluecoat, gendarme, deputy, flatfoot, EXEC, police, capitalist, col, fuzz.

Usage examples for officer

  1. What officer was in command? – School History of North Carolina by John W. Moore
  2. " Ah, thank you," from the other young officer – The Disturbing Charm by Berta Ruck
  3. Such a girl ought to be an officer – Natalie: A Garden Scout by Lillian Elizabeth Roy