Synonyms for Nation:


birthright, government, citizen, aboriginal, countryman, compatriot, dominion, countrywoman, sovereignty, the body politic, monarchy, citizenry, citizenship, principality. society, multiracial, populace, ethnic minority, nationality, aryan, public, full-blooded, black, ethnic, minority. politics, federation, polity, autarky, dictatorship, protectorate, oligarchy. body politic (noun)
Res Publica.
country with its own government (noun)
commonwealth, public, domain, body politic, monarchy, land, principality, populace, sovereignty, state, realm, dominion, empire, society.
group (noun)
land, country.
nation (noun)
Carry Amelia Moore Nation, Carry Nation, state, commonwealth, Res Publica, body politic, a people, land, country.
person (noun)
Carry Nation, Carry Amelia Moore Nation.
place of birth (noun)
region (noun)
precinct, beat, lot, bailiwick, riding, locality, division, realm, dukedom, area, kingdom, earldom, district, plot, empire, city, sector, town, field, circuit, state, domain, quarter, colony, canton, region, neighborhood, country, parcel, shire, province, zone, territory, place, duchy, commonweal, tract, county, borough, municipality.

Other synonyms:

multiracial, protectorate, aryan, full-blooded, federation, ethnic minority. oligarchy, dictatorship, society. dominion, autarky, monarchy. ethnic. minority. black. a people
a people.
carry amelia moore nation
Carry Amelia Moore Nation.
res publica
Res Publica.
Other relevant words:
nationality, countryman, federation, polity, commonwealth, politics, birthright, aboriginal, black, minority, compatriot, dictatorship, Carry Amelia Moore Nation, full-blooded, aryan, citizen, land, principality, citizenry, autarky, government, protectorate, oligarchy, body politic, Res Publica, populace, dominion, ethnic, countrywoman, Carry Nation, sovereignty, citizenship, monarchy, society, multiracial, public.

Usage examples for nation

  1. The property of the nation is the nation – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  2. " We will not drown ourselves," said the medicine man, " we have found a nation who are afraid of us. – Myths and Legends of the Sioux by Marie L. McLaughlin
  3. It was at a time, too, when the nation required a victory. – The Campaign of Chancellorsville by Theodore A. Dodge