Synonyms for Marriage:


conjugal rights, marital, connubial, Connubiality, civil partnership, conjugal, Conjugality, consummation, married, Arranged Marriage, match, marriage of convenience, chastity. betrothal, bride, intimacy, betrothed, best man, compatibility, bridal shower, bridal party, bachelorette party, bachelor party, friendship, comradeship. nuptial, bridal. inclusion (noun)
encompassment, inclusion, entanglement, partnership, enmeshment, embodiment, membership, envelopment, integration, relation, involvement, incorporation, composition.
junction (noun)
affixation, connection, abutment, attachment, connectedness, alliance, meeting, amalgamation, splice, consolidation, juncture, adherence, branch, jointure, juxtaposition, junction, affiliation, wedding, conjunction, coupling, bond, annexation, synergy, merger, relationship, adjacency.
legal joining of two people; a union (noun)
coupling, matrimony, espousal, wedlock, Connubiality, amalgamation, wedding, match, nuptials, Conjugality, sacrament, merger, alliance.
marriage (noun)
married couple, wedlock, nuptials, man and wife, matrimony, wedding, Betrothment, espousal, troth, union, banns, elopement, marriage ceremony, conjugation.
marriage ceremony (noun)
rite (noun)
christening, canon, revival, evensong, convocation, holiday, liturgy, transubstantiation, ceremony, communion, mass, eucharist, sacrifice, nones, vesper, baptism, last rites, initiation, novena, solemnization, celebration, ritual, Siddur, service, remembrance, observance, rite, missal, confirmation, sacrament.
state (noun)
union, wedlock, matrimony.

Other synonyms:

bridal, conjugal rights, betrothed, civil partnership, Arranged Marriage, Conjugality, marriage of convenience, Connubiality. consummation, married, betrothal, conjugal, marital, nuptial, connubial. match.