Synonyms for Juncture:


installment, gradation, low point, the middle, lowlights, mark, level, instalment. connect, seam. point, time. crossroad, crisis, exigency, zero hour, decide, climacteric, pass, Exigence, head, turning point. circumstance (noun)
conjuncture, event, situation, circumstance, occasion, milestone, instant, incidence, condition, moment, landmark, episode, happening, basis, status, occurrence, cardinal point.
connection (noun)
articulation, junction.
crisis (noun)
difficulty (noun)
event (noun)
junction (noun)
alliance, connectedness, abutment, amalgamation, merger, marriage, junction, adherence, connection, coupling, affiliation, branch, bond, adjacency, juxtaposition, relationship, annexation, wedding, attachment, synergy, splice, consolidation, conjunction, meeting, affixation, jointure.
juncture (noun)
crossroads, join, junction, occasion, articulation, critical point.
point in time (noun)
time, position, meeting point, crisis, turning point.
predicament (noun)
turning point (noun)
crossroad, meeting point, exigency, status, instant, point, occasion, position, condition, circumstance, moment, crisis, zero hour, pass, time.

Other synonyms:

low point. seam, gradation, lowlights, climacteric, zero hour. crossroad, time, installment, Exigence. exigency. point. head. mark. level. peak
turning point.

Usage examples for juncture

  1. He needed to be protected from himself at that juncture – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  2. At this juncture generally, in her excitement, Trixy did lift it, and the consequence was- woe. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  3. It was at this precise juncture that a voice from the darkness behind Fat Jakey said, " Hands up!" – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White