Synonyms for Year:


academic, leap, school, BCE, astronomical, election, C, equinoctial, natural, tropical, biannual, solar, B, calendar, legal, 00s, annual, lunar, continuum of days, cycle, fiscal, academic year, BC, sidereal. epic, hours, vintage, ages, months, aeon, light years. blue moon, old, peer, eon, age gap, eternity, at, age bracket, long, aged, under, contemporary. full moon, go down, rise, come up, orbit, eclipse, wax, sink, wane, go in. chapter, countdown, date, delay, distance, block, duration. date (noun)
day, duration, generation, age, era, century, time, hour, term, epoch.
group (noun)
length (noun)
old age (noun)
youth, agedness, elderliness, Senectitude, senescence.
point of time (noun)
epoch, century, decade, lifetime, era, microsecond, month, term, week, millisecond, time, day, age, second, millennium, semester, minute, generation, hour.
senectitude (noun)
agedness, senescence, elderliness.
senescence (noun)
time (noun)
week, date, eternity, month, lifetime, second.
year (noun)
class, twelvemonth, yr.

Other synonyms:

aeon, blue moon, date. eon, epic. vintage. eternity. long. old age
Senectitude, elderliness, agedness, senescence.
Other relevant words:
contemporary, leap, eternity, 00s, peer, rise, old, duration, wane, wax, academic year, cycle, aeon, distance, natural, at, youth, calendar, biannual, academic, eon, delay, sidereal, sink, school, months, hours, elderliness, class, senescence, countdown, under, tropical, annual, twelvemonth, solar, block, B, legal, yr, fiscal, astronomical, eclipse, aged, orbit, vintage, blue moon, chapter, lunar, election, epic, equinoctial, C, agedness, date, ages, long, Senectitude.

Usage examples for year

  1. A year is a long time. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  2. This is, I should suppose, the one day in the year on which a man can hear himself speak in the Via Roma. – Naples Past and Present by Arthur H. Norway
  3. The fellow who was in with me last year has left school. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour