Synonyms for Parting:


departing (adjective)
departing, going, withdrawing, leaving, exiting, fleeing, retreating.
farewell (adjective)
last, valedictory, departing.
final (adjective)
valedictory (adjective)


lamely, lame, amateur, commemorative, limp, Good-bye, hostile, maiden, face saving, attempted, desperate. divergence, crimp, barbershop, braid, split, cornrow, condition, comb out, backcomb, blow-dry, comb. repudiation, separation, get the boot, severance, there are plenty more fish in the sea, rupture, breakup. disjuncture, Disseverment, divorce, divorcement, partition, assemble, detachment, disunion, Disseverance, disjunction. approach, valediction, adieu. valedictory. adieu (noun)
death (noun)
dissolution, passing, end, cessation, ending, demise, expiration, extinction, fatality, death, decease, annihilation, release, quietus.
departure (noun)
departure, exit, leave-taking, exodus, withdrawal, embarkation, abandonment.
goodbye, separation (noun)
divergence, severance, farewell, breaking, going, detachment, leave-taking, partition, rupture, breakup, departure, adieu, valediction, split.
leave (noun)
leaving (noun)
parting (noun)
last, leave-taking, parthian, farewell, leave.
separation (noun)
disjuncture, divorcement, disjunction.


departing (verb)
leaving, exiting, Abandoning, Decamping, Embarking, departing, fleeing, withdrawing, Quitting, going.
dissociating (verb)
Disassociating, severing, dividing, Disengaging, Separating, Halving, Segregating, Dissociating, Divorcing, fragmenting, rending, breaking, Excising, alienating, Sundering, cleaving, Rupturing, Insulating, partitioning, dismantling, uncoupling, Disuniting, Detaching, Disjoining, splitting, Disconnecting.
dying (verb)
Ceasing, Deceasing, expiring, passing away, falling, passing on, Succumbing, Perishing, dying.
halving (verb)
tearing, bifurcating, branching, forking, Slitting, fissuring.
separating (verb)
Bisecting, ripping, disaffiliating, Disintegrating, estranging, Incising, ungluing, axing, Dissecting, disassembling, slicing, unfixing, Amputating, cutting, unhinging, paring, Removing.

Other synonyms:

disjunction, divorcement, Disseverment, Disseverance, Good-bye, disjuncture, breakup. disunion, severance, valediction, adieu, divorce. rupture, separation, partition. detachment.

Usage examples for parting

  1. Her parting words were mysterious. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore