Synonyms for Assurance:


allegation, announcement, support, accusation, apology, apologia. comprehensive, coolness, carrier, poise, contributory, temerity, audacity, collision damage waiver, benefit, insolence, rudeness, actuarial, study at, actuary, adjuster, broker. composure, word of honor, solemn word, warrant, chutzpah, guaranty, plight. beyond any doubt, firm/safe ground, gut feeling/instinct, positiveness, assuredness, certain, hunch. safety, safeness. attitude, belief, self-possession, aplomb. affirmation (noun)
approval, sanction, declaration, endorsement, ratification, warranty, validation, corroboration, pledge, affirmation, pronouncement, attestation, admission, statement, submission, testimony, confirmation, certification, acknowledgment, avowal, verification, oath, assertion, proclamation, promise.
assurance (noun)
confidence, pledge, sureness, authority, self-confidence, self-assurance.
authorization (noun)
certainty (noun)
certainty, conviction, irrefutability, surety, trust, sureness, confidence, faith, certitude.
cognition (noun)
sureness, self-assurance, self-confidence, authority, confidence.
communication (noun)
confidence (noun)
audacity, certitude, temerity, poise, faith, aplomb, conviction, trust, self-confidence, coolness, surety, assuredness, certainty, positiveness, sureness.
guarantee (noun)
collateral, security, countersignature, contract, insurance, guarantee, token, lien, bond, word, safeguard.
indifference (noun)
pride (noun)
condescension, grandness, high-handedness, ostentation, narcissism, cockiness, haughtiness, self-glory, smugness, huffiness, high-and-mightiness, conceit, egoism, pride, vanity.
promise (noun)
compact, agreement, covenant, arrangement, stipulation, consent, pact, obligation, vow, engagement, mutual agreement, understanding.
safety (noun)
statement to relieve doubt (noun)
declaration, insurance, word, security, promise, affirmation, oath, word of honor, vow, pledge, warranty, assertion, guarantee, support, warrant.
word (noun)
word of honor (noun)

Other synonyms:

apology, collision damage waiver, attitude, allegation, announcement, apologia, word of honor, broker, solemn word, adjuster, contributory, belief, positiveness, actuarial, safeness, poise, hunch, accusation, assuredness, aplomb, actuary, chutzpah. carrier, self-possession, benefit. safety, comprehensive. guaranty. warrant. calmness
Other relevant words:
insolence, certainty, composure, coolness, comprehensive, broker, plight, rudeness, carrier, audacity, benefit, guaranty, word of honor, allegation, contributory, safety, self-possession, hunch, attitude, poise, actuarial, support, apologia, temerity, warrant, apology, announcement, self-assurance, safeness, belief, authority, aplomb, chutzpah, actuary, certain, self-confidence, assuredness, solemn word, adjuster, positiveness, accusation.

Usage examples for assurance

  1. The physician had just left him, with an assurance that the son and heir for whose life he had trembled was now out of danger. – Norston's Rest by Ann S. Stephens
  2. Possessing that assurance we shall be rich and heart- whole. – The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon by Alexander Maclaren
  3. There are plenty of men for whom that assurance would be enough. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.