Synonyms for Farm:


agricultural (adjective)
agronomic, rustic, horticultural, forest, cultivated, agricultural, agrarian, pastoral, rural.


agroindustry, agronomy, Agronomics, agribusiness, the CAP, agriculture, agrochemical. corral, crate, cattle prod, dip, brand, crook, cow town, dairy. farm (noun)
produce, raise, grow, rural.
house (noun)
land for agriculture or animal breeding (noun)
pasture, vineyard, meadow, ranch, patch, freehold, acres, grange, farmstead, field, homestead, nursery, soil, acreage, orchard, claim, estate, garden, enclosure, holding, grassland.
plantation (noun)
enclosure, pasture, kibbutz, leasehold, grassland, orchard, demesne, nursery, collective farm, acreage, field, meadow, experiment station, truck farm, claim, grange, vegetable garden, patch, hacienda, homestead, freehold, cropland, vineyard, farmstead, spread, improved farm, soil, acres, garden.
property (noun)
empire, real estate, manor, possession, kingdom, ranch, effects, property, domain, assets, goods, principal, possessions, territory, chattel, inheritance, title, realm, land, legacy, ground, Resources, wealth, estate, stock, fixtures, realty, belongings, holding.


creation (verb)
produce, raise, grow.
manage animals (verb)
domesticate, hostle, herd, break, tame, breed, housebreak, groom, wrangle, train.
produce crops, raise animals (verb)

Other synonyms:

dairy, orchard. manor
Other relevant words:
crook, agroindustry, grow, raise, vineyard, orchard, hacienda, kibbutz, dip, meadow, farmstead, demesne, agriculture, field, acreage, crate, freehold, nursery, grange, homestead, enclosure, produce, garden, patch, soil, spread, agribusiness, grassland, acres, truck farm, pasture, dairy, agronomy, leasehold, collective farm, Agronomics, brand, corral, claim, cropland, agrochemical.

Usage examples for farm

  1. " I declare," she exclaimed, " the child has had no air since he came in from the farm – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton
  2. He stopped at the farm house. – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  3. He will take orders from no one, except in matters of the farm – Patsy by S. R. Crockett