Synonyms for Confines:


restraint, periphery, constraint. corner, bump, bottom, back, base, bevel. limit (noun)
limitation, fringe, end, bounds, cutoff, boundary, extremity, apex, border, rim, deadline, brink, terminus, maximum, restriction, zenith, edge, acme, limit.
limits (noun)
Boundaries, Apexes, deadlines, fringes, ends, rims, edges, Extremities, limitations, zeniths, cutoffs, terminuses, maximums, borders, restrictions, limits.
prisons (noun)
stockades, strongholds, jailhouses, pinions, coops, pounds, reformatories, oubliettes, coolers, irons, vises, Cells, gaols, lockups, brigs, Prisons, Pens, dungeons, keeps, penal colonies, Penitentiaries, reform schools.
restraint (noun)
scope (noun)
size, range, dimension.


encloses (verb)
surrounds, envelops, encircles, embraces, covers, holds, Traps, encompasses, corrals, contains, encloses.
imprisons (verb)
straight jackets, cages, locks up, harnesses, jails, fetters, handcuffs, manacles, fences, impounds, condemns.
punishes (verb)
reprises, fines, crucifies, castigates, disciplines, keelhauls, anguishes, executes, punishes, agonizes, tries, avenges, chastises, sentences, judges, imprisons, lambastes, corrects, burdens, tortures, persecutes, afflicts, chastens, incarcerates, distresses, penalizes, Pillories.
restrains (verb)
shackles, restrains, inhibits, bridles, constricts, restricts, leashes, tethers, collars, binds, impedes, detains, hinders, constrains, controls.
secludes (verb)
sequesters, deports, detaches, blacklists, boycotts, expels, ostracizes, cloisters, separates, evicts, removes, alienates, eliminates, excludes, disbars, excommunicates, insulates, ejects, ousts, secludes, closets, exiles, screens, banishes, cordons, extirpates, rejects, segregates, extradites, blackballs, expatriates, isolates.

Other synonyms:

constraint, restraint, bevel, bottom. corner, bump. base. back.

Usage examples for confines

  1. It was only within the past week that he had been able to limp painfully about the narrow confines of his jail. – Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer by Jessie Graham Flower