Synonyms for Strain:


amphibian, beast, biped, animal, big game, bear, adult, beast of burden, arachnid, arthropod. affectation, foible, persona, predisposition, flaw, wrench, alter ego, jerk, incarnation, propensity, fault, ache, bruise, endowment. disquiet, struggle, trouble, distress, concern, while, pain, alarm, work, effort, exertion, elbow grease, worry. challenge, push, dedication, undertaking, care, pursuit, heavy lifting. fag, drive, labor, tug, moil, press for, go after, travail, try for, sweat, push for, toil. burn, injure, cut, wound, break, harm, disable. jar, thrust, prod, thrust aside, jab, shove, shoulder. chase, flail, card, chip away, drill, file, chop, chisel, crimp. crescendo, lilt, drumroll, discord, music, harmony, chord, mode, dissonance, drumming. ignite, set against, come between, tear apart, open up, play both ends (against the middle), divide, drive a wedge between. heave, trail, drag, tow, tear at, pluck at. ancestry (noun)
breed, Family, stock, species, race.
category (noun)
class, degree, sort, designation, genus, phylum, species, Family, series, grade, rank, kingdom, people, mold, feather, stamp, grain, denomination, breed, step, line, race, variety, label, kind, style, type, clan, set, caste, ilk, classification, form, order, persuasion, make, taxonomy, level, brand, genotype, stripe, category, stock.
difficulty (noun)
effort (noun)
effort, struggle, exertion.
ethnic group (noun)
line (noun)
melody (noun)
air, tune, song.
music (noun)
pain, due to exertion (noun)
bruise, pressure, pull, burden, anxiety, stress, jerk, ache, struggle, effort, force, exertion, wrench.
pressure (noun)
pull, force.
state (noun)
strain (noun)
extend, mental strain, stock, tense, nervous strain, breed, tense up, filtrate, melodic phrase, puree, filter, air, var., reach, melodic line, try, song, sift, line, deform, striving, filter out, stress, tune, separate out, distort, strive, form, sieve, tenor, straining, nisus, variant, melody, pains, variety.
suggestion, hint (noun)


cause mental stress (verb)
distress, trouble, pain.
competition (verb)
strive, reach.
consumption (verb)
emotion (verb)
try, stress.
filter (verb)
sift, sieve.
stretch, often to limit (verb)
distort, push, injure, extend, drive.
work very hard (verb)
labor, try, sweat, strive, moil.

Other synonyms:

disquiet, pluck at, wrench, press for, music, thrust aside, effort, try for, tow, tear at, moil, disable, elbow grease, heavy lifting. care, undertaking, set against, pain, injure, sweat, worry, wound, bruise, go after, push for, tug, toil, dedication, pull, burden, challenge, labor, difficulty, shove, come between. exertion, prod, pressure, pursuit. ignite, travail, chase, thrust, while, jab. tear apart. jerk, concern. jar. shoulder, open up. drive, break. divide, work, drag. burn, trail, force. push. cut. effort

Usage examples for strain

  1. He was tired with a long strain of work. – Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less by Jennette Lee
  2. " Wall, from now on mebby ye won't have ter strain yer eyes," Hank remarked. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. The question and the look that accompanied it proved too great a strain for Dieppe's self- control. – Captain Dieppe by Anthony Hope