Synonyms for Stock:


all (adjective)
average (adjective)
usual, everyday, conventional, moderate, run-of-the-mill, mean, customary, medium, mediocre, predominant, standard, midmost, common, normal, commonplace, mid, mezzo, ordinary, middle-of-the-road, average, dominant, stereotype, median, halfway, middling.
commonplace (adjective)
hackneyed, conventional, dull, common, usual, customary, set, regular, routine, trite, staple, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, banal, normal, traditional, standard.
hackneyed (adjective)
timeworn, well-worn.
regular (adjective)
cyclical, universal, regular, ordinary, conventional, mundane, usual, traditional, recurrent, chronic, canonical, periodic, routine, customary, rhythmic, normal, standard, prevailing, steady, everyday, metronomic, Predominating, constant, monotonous, orthodox, epochal, habitual, commonplace, average, accustomed, common, frequent, continual, Familiar, general.


block, nest egg, cache, allocation, capacity, arithmetic, amount, hoard, balance, stash, reservoir, collect, reserve, backlog, accumulation. house, tribe, acting, dark, opposite, kin, on, kindred, method acting, in, rep, dramatic, go up. cross-selling, precede, direct marketing, credit rating, buyer's market, churn rate, seed, cold call, customer care, call, aftermarket. bevy, assembly, assemblage, battery, agglomeration, bank, assortment, batch, keep, arsenal, bale. barbecue sauce, bouillon cube, coulis, balsamic vinegar, aioli, dip, chutney, catsup, aspic. blood money, appropriation, bailout, cash flow, bounty. ancestor, Fathers, family tree, branch, descendant, forebear, antecedents, forbear. auction, retail, move, hawk, launch, push, sell, peddle. bid, bid price, bullish, bull market, bear market, bull, broker-dealer, bondholder, bearish. chastise, corporal punishment, the birch, lash, beating, hiding, flogging, flog, cane. corral, cattle prod, dairy, cow town, crate, crook. crowd, choke, fill, cram, pack in, jam, saturate. ritual, take to, common practice, as is someone's wont, custom, daily life, way of life, tendency, habit. pride, self-respect, self-worth, street cred, cred, status, stature, self-respecting, dignity. ancestry (noun)
kindred, descent, kin, clan, Family, house, race, lineage, parentage, type, strain, line of descent, pedigree, breed, line, tribe, species.
animals raised on a farm (noun)
bloodline (noun)
line of descent.
blood relative (noun)
kin, kindred.
category (noun)
genus, clan, feather, degree, classification, Family, type, designation, strain, class, taxonomy, ilk, label, sort, kind, genotype, level, stripe, people, stamp, step, set, form, variety, brand, make, caste, grain, rank, species, style, line, phylum, denomination, mold, order, category, series, grade, persuasion.
cattle (noun)
ethnic group (noun)
financial institution (noun)
good (noun)
handle (noun)
trigger, brace, handle, pull, lug, spindle, crank, knob, shank, doorknob, knocker, brake.
investment in company (noun)
funds, share, capital, property.
line (noun)
material (noun)
matter, element, ore, material, raw materials, stuff, substance.
merchandise (noun)
commodity, produce, hoard, nest egg, inventory, staple, reservoir, effects, store, article, cargo, ware, backlog, accumulation, assortment, reserve, assets, goods, merchandise, stockpile, cache, variety, fund.
money (noun)
dough, bank note, purse, note, dollar, silver, balance sheet, nugget, proceeds, pocket money, wealth, money, bankroll, lucre, fortune, wallet, income, issue, petty cash, wampum, pounds, profit, net worth, money order, wad, funds, gold, loot, assets, check, bond, treasure, worth, copper, promissory note, greenback, change, currency, receipts, bill, spending money, ingot, iou, scratch, coinage, draft, sterling, bullion, wherewithal, moolah, swag, ways and means, cash, coupon, capital, gross.
parentage (noun)
descent, ancestry, genealogy, breed, race, lineage, pedigree.
plant (noun)
Malcolm Stock.
portion (noun)
fraction, slice, quantum, partition, dividend, parcel, zone, share, proportion, budget, bit, piece, ration, division, quota, part, sector, portion, segment, helping, subdivision, stake, compartment, member, percentage, half, measure, commission, allowance, allotment, chunk, interest, cut, split, lot.
property (noun)
property, title, realty, legacy, possession, domain, territory, farm, estate, manor, fixtures, land, real estate, Resources, realm, holding, ground, possessions, inheritance, ranch, belongings, principal, empire, chattel, kingdom.
stash (noun)
stock (noun)
farm animal, blood line, caudex, broth, breed, well-worn, unoriginal, carry, threadbare, bloodline, trite, gunstock, inventory, stock certificate, hackneyed, descent, line, timeworn, neckcloth, store, strain, standard, commonplace, variety, ancestry, lineage, banal, gillyflower, regular, stockpile, tired, line of descent, parentage, buy in, livestock, Malcolm Stock, blood, shopworn, fund, origin.
supply (noun)
reserve, stockpile.
trite (noun)


possession (verb)
carry, stockpile.
supply with merchandise (verb)
fill, carry, sell, keep, handle.

Other synonyms:

hawk, peddle, self-worth, street cred, cred, self-respecting, self-respect, reserve, flog. hoard, cache, reservoir, kindred, nest egg, saturate, tribe, backlog, auction, stature. dignity, cram, stash, sell, retail. fill, dull, pack in, pride, launch. crowd, seed. house, push. choke. keep. jam, move. sell
Other relevant words:
livestock, block, house, trite, bloodline, store, hoard, line of descent, seed, stockpile, parentage, broth, banal, hackneyed, fund, blood.

Usage examples for stock

  1. The stock of a gun, perhaps? – The Squire's Daughter by Silas K(itto) Hocking
  2. He flung open the door with a bang,- then stood stock still on the threshold. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  3. But if you don't take any stock in it, there's no use talkin'. – The Boy With the U. S. Foresters by Francis Rolt-Wheeler