Synonyms for Vitiate:


recant, exacerbate, aggravate, worsen, inflame, make matters/things worse, add fuel to the fire/flames, deny, do more harm than good, complicate, revoke, compound, rescind, escalate. blight. annihilate, continue, extinguish, abolish, set-aside, negate. vitiate (noun)
corrupt, pervert, void, subvert, impair, demoralize, demoralise, invalidate, misdirect, spoil, debauch, mar, deflower, debase, deprave, profane.


cancel (verb)
deny, invalidate, recant, negate, abolish, revoke, annihilate, abrogate, undermine.
change (verb)
void, invalidate.
disable (verb)
paralyze, cramp, lame, botch, incapacitate, disarm, anesthetize, abrogate, dull, tamper, hamstring, invalidate, stun, cripple, hobble, hinder, prostrate, benumb, scotch, deaden, hamper, sap, enfeeble, disable, screw up, undermine, impair, neutralize, weaken, stupefy, handicap.
hurt, corrupt (verb)
blemish, pervert, weaken, warp, harm, debauch, debase, impair, mar, spoil, brutalize, injure, damage, blight, deprave, prejudice.
pervert (verb)
pervert, corrupt, degrade, abase, demoralize, warp, desecrate, distort, deform, debase, twist, deprave, seduce, adulterate, debauch.

Other synonyms:

brutalize, animalize, bestialize, Disserve. bastardize. negate, injure, canker. blemish. extinguish, damage, annihilate. hurt. annul
Other relevant words:
negate, bestialize, mar, bastardize, hurt, canker, animalize, abolish, damage, void, deny, injure, spoil, blemish, flaw, extinguish, prejudice, annihilate, recant, blight, demoralise, profane, deflower, brutalize, revoke, Disserve, harm, misdirect, detract from, subvert, exacerbate.

Usage examples for vitiate

  1. Vitiate not this gift with the lower thought of the art of singing. – Sixty Years of California Song by Margaret Blake-Alverson
  2. This used to create a great deal of smoke, which tended still further to vitiate the air. – Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. 10 Finally, it is to be observed that things are incapable of being acquired through usucapion by a purchaser in good faith, or by one who possesses on some other lawful ground, unless they are free from all flaws which vitiate the usucapion. – The Institutes of Justinian by Caesar Flavius Justinian