Synonyms for Match:


fuse, have something in common (with something), accord with, approximate, light, bear/stand comparison (with), amount to, coincide. chemistry, partnership, relationship, analogue, reconciliation, counterpart, relations, equivalent, tie, link, connection, association, rapport, approximation. rivalry, offer, resource, supply, arrange, event, provide, race, sport, competition, cater to, come up with, serve. echo, union, marriage, espousal, copy. captain, double, call up, captaincy, draft in, commissioner, same, draft, bench, companion. congener, hang together, combine, correspondent, blend, correlative, consolidate, go with, piece together, correlate, match-up. differentiate, check against, dissociate, set against, tell/see the difference, connect, juxtapose. constituent, makeup, ingredient, dna, complement. incendiary, poker, live, safety match, spill, cord, matchstick. husband, life partner, missis, helpmate, lady, missus, man, hubby. artifact (noun)
competition (noun)
meet, sport, rivalry, race, event.
counterpart, equal (noun)
equivalent, complement, double, peer, analogue, companion, copy, correlate, parallel, approximation, rival, twin, mate.
couple (noun)
partnership, marriage, pair, duet, espousal, union.
duality (noun)
pair, doublet, dyad, two, brace, couplet, duet, duo, team, couple, twosome, yoke, span.
match (noun)
couple, peer, meet, oppose, equalize, equal, friction match, equate, rival, pit, check, fit, correspond, cope with, agree, pair, compeer, catch, lucifer, tally, equalise, play off, mates, gibe, jibe, mate, touch, twin.
parallel (noun)
congener, correlative.
similarity (noun)
analog, likeness, imitation, resemblance, similitude, analogy, twin, similarity, closeness, semblance, alikeness, sameness.
tennis (noun)
alley, the Davis Cup, ball girl, ace, ball boy, break point, clay, advantage.


change (verb)
compare (verb)
compare, parallel, liken, contrast, allegorize.
correspond (verb)
equal (verb)
equal, meet, equalize, balance.
parallel (verb)

Other synonyms:

approximate, husband, hubby, matchstick, accord with, congener, life partner, match-up, correlative, safety match, analogue, missis. marriage, constituent, dna, approximation, competition, poker. ingredient, event, incendiary, correspondent, echo, race. cord, makeup. companion. go with, lady. spill, complement, tie. double. live. man. agree
liken, allegorize, set against.
cope with.

Usage examples for match

  1. " Another match Willie," he cried. – Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893 by Hall Caine
  2. They would make a match between us, they said. – The Reconciliation of Races and Religions by Thomas Kelly Cheyne
  3. No; you thought that she probably would have, said he, laughing, as he struck a match – Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson