Synonyms for Again:


afresh (adjective)
once more, over again, once again.


over and over again (adverb)


all (adverb)
once more, over again, once again.
another time; repeated (adverb)
encore, repeatedly, recurrently, over, reiteratively, newly, ANON, over and over, once more, freshly, Bis, afresh, come again, anew.
repeatedly (adverb)
again and again.


HUH, run that by me again, I'm sorry, come again, What, I beg your pardon, pardon me, excuse me. the fact that, incidentally, not to mention, in any case, afresh, anyway, by the way, namely, even so, anyhow. again (noun)
recurrent, over again, ad infinitum, cyclical, repeated, yet again, renewed, once again, once more.
again and again (noun)
anew (noun)
encore, ditto, afresh, repeatedly, again and again, repeat, newly, ANON, a second time, over and over, Bis, from the beginning, recurrently, freshly, another time, over, reiteratively, on and on.
once more (noun)
repetition, anew.

Other synonyms:

HUH. What. again
cyclical, over, recurrent, repeated, renewed, ad infinitum.
once more
once more, anew.

Usage examples for again

  1. You dare to touch me again you dare!" – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  2. I am back again now. – The Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 1 by Charles Farrar Browne
  3. And I never shall be well again – Friarswood Post-Office by Charlotte M. Yonge